The Impeachment of Donald Trump and 9 Years of President Pence

President Pence?
President Pence?

This is me predicting the future.  With the Senate vote against skinny repeal of Obamacare, Republican voters are pissed.  For good reason.  Republicans have been granted the House and Senate on the repeated promise of repealing socialized medicine.  Apparently they have been lying to us.  Sure, they were willing to pass bill after bill repealing ACA while President Obama was President.  When it really counted Republicans whiffed.  Were they lying?  Apparently.  Being willing to repeal Obamacare when President Obama was never going to sign repeal was nothing more than demonstrating to the Republican base that we want your vote.  When it counted Republicans let the country down.  Granted, not all Republicans.  Not even most Republicans.  But Senator Cruz was correct in saying all Republicans will pay a price for the deception of a few (I’m looking at you Senator McCain).

I was one of those Tea Partiers standing on the side of the road with clever signs encouraging Congress not to enact ACA to begin with.  Almost all of our predictions about Obamacare have come true.  Skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, and far less access to doctors and plans.  There is no doubt that many Democrats saw ACA as a pathway to a single payer system.  Americans don’t want that and they expressed their concerns by giving Republicans majorities in the House and Senate.  

Enter President Trump.  Democrats and some Republicans started to undermine his Presidency from day one.  Democrats began claiming that the President and his campaign colluded with Russia to become the leader of the free world.  The media (aka Democrat propaganda machine) continue that drumbeat to this day.  Never mind that tens of thousands of jobs are being created, the stock market has hit record high after record high, regulations are being decimated, illegal immigration has slowed by 70%, ISIS is quietly being defeated, and it’s cool to love and respect cops and the rule of law again.  But.  Republicans couldn’t deliver on their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.  That, my friends (to borrow a phrase from the senior Senator from Arizona), will be their temporary undoing.

If Congress can’t circle back and do what they promised, enough Republicans will stay at home for the midterms.  Congress will become blue and impeachment proceedings will begin.  Never mind that there are no actual “high crimes or misdemeanors”.  It’s all political.  Democrats will say there was collusion, or obstruction of justice, or conflict of interest, or whatever.  Democrats and some Republicans can’t believe, or come to grips, that we the people elected a President Trump.  They will fix our “mistake” in 2019.  

Enter President Pence.  He will continue the prosperity train.  Smaller government and the rule of law will prevail.  Americans, mostly Republicans and Independents, will be incensed at the impeachment of Donald Trump.  Republican majorities will be restored in Congress.  ACA will be repealed and replaced.  The economy will take off.  President Pence will be re elected and then re re elected.  

Mark these words and come back in a year or two to see if I am right.  It may not play out exactly this way, but this is how it looks to me this morning on July 30, 2017.  Time will tell.  I do know this.  It won’t be boring!

This is how you get 8 years of President Trump

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt
EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

I tuned in the Sean Spicer Show on Friday and heard EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt explain to an incredulous press corps why President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord. After Pruitt left the podium to catch a flight, the questions continued for Mr. Spicer. “Does President Trump think Climate Change is a hoax?” “What does the President say to the rest of the world about our leadership on Climate?” “Does the President hate puppies and babies too?” OK, I made that last one up. Not one question on the stock market which was making another run to a record close. If you watch ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC you would have no idea that the Dow is well over 21,000 points now. Not one question on the jobs report that showed the lowest unemployment rate since 2001 either. Weird. I wonder if Obama was still President would all this good news be ignored?

That my friends is the point. The media continue to scream Russia, Russia, Russia and ignore the issues that got the President elected President in the first place. Jobs! If the propaganda wing of the Democratic party, and the Democrats themselves, think that bashing Mr. Trump over pulling out of a job killing, U.S. taxpayer draining, climate deal will win back voters, I want some of what they are smoking! Paris promised less than a .2 degree Celsius reduction in global temperatures by the end of the century. Even those who think the planet needs saving should realize that .2 degrees cooling in the next 83 years won’t exactly make a trillions of dollars difference. Turn your AC down .2 degrees and enjoy chill! The press is talking to itself and a few true believers and past those who elected Trump; working Americans. You know, former Democratic voters who just want to get back to work and support their families.

The election of Donald Trump itself demonstrates how the mainstream press have lost their influence. We conservatives have been on to them for a long time. Now working Americans who have seen their jobs disappear because of EPA regulations, Obamacare, and bad deals like the Paris Climate Accord see that the press and the Democrats don’t care about them. A recent Gallup Poll showed that the number one issue that Americans care about is the economy and jobs followed closely by immigration. The environment and climate finished tied for dead last! Yet the press is laser focused on what flyover country isn’t. Russia, Russia, Russia and how the planet will be drowned in melted ice any minute now. Never mind that Antarctic ice continues to break records and Arctic ice, while less extensive than the cold decade of the 70’s, continues to remain as thick as 30 year averages. If democrats think their chicken little act is gonna get them elected they are in for a continued perpetual rude awakening.

Meanwhile, billionaire liberals continue to lecture ordinary folk that if we don’t hamstring reliable energy and give the UN trillions of dollars to fight Climate Change the end is neigh. Just ask Bill Nye. Of course they continue to jet set around the world in their private jets and recreate on their massive yachts. Hypocrite much? The United States is leading by example by cutting carbon emissions to 1990’s levels. All without the help of the UN! Shocking, I know. Granted, Elon Musk has made a cool electric car, but until he gives up his private jet I’m not convinced that he really believes Climate Change is dire. He has decided to leave the President’s councils on business, manufacturing jobs and infrastructure over our leaving the Paris Accord. He’ll fly back to Silicon Valley in his private jet leaving a giant carbon chemtrail in his wake. A new record high for the Dow over 21,200 suggests that a majority of CEOs and business minded investors think the President is doing just fine and leaving Paris is good for business. What? You didn’t know the Dow hit another record AFTER President Trump announced the United States was leaving the Paris Climate Accord? You must watch one of the three “major” networks.

Finally, doomed candidate Hillary Clinton has a laundry list of people to blame for her loss except why she actually lost. Democrats have ignored their base. They have become the elites who know better than working America implementing job killing regulations and Obamacare. Until Democrats and their press propaganda wing get it through their thick heads that they have lost the trust of working Americans then President Trump and America will continue to win and liberal heads will continue to explode.

An Extraordinary End to Monsoon 2016

Today is the last day of Monsoon 2016.  The best Monsoon I’ve experienced in my 11 years here.  I’ve neglected the blog so the entries of our microburst  in Oro Valley last month, varies rainbows, lightning shots, downpours, and other sundry Monsoon 2016 occurrences are missing from  Perhaps I will go through my pictures and catch some of those things up.  Perhaps.

Before I get into my story about last evening’s drive home, here’s how the day started yesterday:

092916ppsunriseYeah.  Not bad!  I love the view from my deck here in Oro Valley.  I’m happy to say that sunrises like that happen pretty frequently here and I have a front row seat.

Now.  On to yesterday’s drive home from the radio station.  Extraordinary indeed!  Every direction of sky brought joy and wonder (too much?).  It was a cool night.

It was raining pretty good when I left the station with a bright rainbow forming but nowhere to pull aside and grab a shot.  As I raced toward downtown I mostly drove out of the rain only to have it catch me again as I navigated down Congress.  I drove out of the rain again as I headed north on Granada which turns into Main which turns into Oracle.  As I approached River I could see a bright rainbow against the Catalina Mountains contrasted by dark menacing storm clouds.  I found an apartment complex off River Road and grabbed this shot:

092916rainbowToo bad I can’t include the rumbling thunder in the jpg, but it was cool.  I then continued on my trek north on Oracle and noticed the sunset was starting to pop.  I made it to Family Life Radio near Ina and Oracle just in time.  I pulled into their back parking lot.  Parked.  Walked to the eastern fence of Tohono Chul Park, and facing west (often the best direction for capturing sunsets), I got this shot:

092916sunsetI needed some supplies, so I doubled back a block to the Safeway and did some shopping.  By the time I got through the line and back to my car I could see lightning to the northeast.  As I neared my apartment it was apparent that the lightning was frequent and, as lightning tends to be, rather bright.  I parked in my spot.  Gathered my things and climbed to my third story apartment.  I efficiently put away my groceries, grabbed a cigar and my phone, and went out on the deck.  What a great light show!  I tried to get some shots with my iPhone 6S Plus in burst mode and they came out surprisingly good!  Grainy, yes.  Still not bad.  Here’s the best one:

092916lightningLast day of Monsoon 2016 is today.  There is a slight chance of storms in our forecast.  Will this evening equal yesterday’s in amazingness?  Not likely, but I’ll share if it does!

Here’s an animated gif of the storm just in case that works:


Tortolita Mountains Morning Clouds Time Lapse, July 25, 2016

Another beautiful morning in southern Oro Valley!  First, we started with this sunrise:


Then I set up my phone to capture a time lapse of the clouds overlooking Oro Valley north to the Tortolita Mountains.  Here is the result:

Hopefully clearing skies will lead to scattered afternoon and evening storms.  I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to capture lightning with my Sony a5100.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to try it tonight!

Happy Monday! Not an oxymoron. Not around here :-)

Happy Birthday to you two!

ORAZFlagsTwo of my favorite states celebrate birthdays today.  Arizona became a state in 1912 and Oregon became a state in 1859.  Both on Valentine’s day.  Both states that I love!

If you read my bio you know I grew up in Oregon.  All of the fun and the pain growing up entails happened in the Willamette Valley south of Portland.  Climbing trees, fishing and camping trips, jumping off bridges into the Mollala River, high school success, angst, failure.  All of it!  I still have family and friends there and I visit when I can, which is not enough.

I have lived in Arizona more than 10 years now and I have fallen in love.  The desert beauty is just as beautiful as the forests of Oregon but in an almost opposite way.  The Sun shines here like the rain falls there.

Both have amazing wildlife!  Here we have King Snakes, Rattlesnakes, Gila Monsters, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Big Horn Sheep, Lizards, and so many birds, including Quail everywhere!

In Oregon it’s possums (OK, not so amazing), Raccoon’s, Beavers, Garden Snakes, Mountain Lions (Cougars), and so many fish.

Both have a wide variety of plant life.  Oregon with the Douglas Fir, Cherry Trees, Boston Fern, Strawberries, Raspberries, Moss, Grass grows wild! and the rich top soil is feet deep.  How does your Oregon garden grow?  Amazingly with just a little care.

Arizona is home to the Sonoran Desert and the State Flower the Saguaro!  Also we have all kinds of plants that want to kill you;  Cholla, Ocotillo, Prickly Pear and Barrel Cactus.

Oregon’s Summer light last until nearly 10:00 pm!  Arizona has the world’s best Sunrises and Sunsets.  Oregon is home to Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, and the The Three Sisters.  Arizona has the Grand Canyon and the country’s only known Jaguar living just a few miles south of Tucson in the Santa Rita Mountains.  Both states have so much beauty to brag about.

Turns out this year is the perfect year for me to reflect and expound on the two states that I love the most. (don’t worry New Mexico and Texas, I still love you two too) Turns out that Oregon is 53 years older than Arizona and I am 53 years old!  Coincidence?  Probably.

Best Sunrises and Sunsets on the Planet! January 23, 2016

Great way to start the day yesterday!  This is looking east to Pusch Peak from my perch here in Oro Valley.


As 6:00 pm approached I had a feeling that the sunset would be special if the sun could duck underneath the high clouds.  It did.  It was.  I drove less than 2 miles from the apartment to a spot on Magee east of Oracle near Pima Canyon.  God does the hard part, I just point and shoot.


No doubt that Arizona is God’s favorite place to paint!

Seattle Bats the Ball Out of the End Zone, No One Knows It’s a Rule

SeahawksLogoEveryone is all a twitter about K. J. Wright batting the ball out of the end zone to secure the Seahawks win over the Lions after an amazing play by Kam Chancellor. Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, and Ray Lewis have never heard of this rule after all of their years of football experience. Why? Here’s why.

Scenario: Punter gets a high snap that goes into the end zone and he kicks it backwards for a safety. Flag is NEVER thrown! The rule states that a bat (in this instance kick) in any end zone is a 10 yard penalty from the last place the last team to posses the ball possessed the ball. If the flag is thrown. The opposing team declines the penalty. Result of the play is a safety. Official explains the rule to the world.

If officials had been treating this rule this way over the years then EVERYONE knows it’s a rule and K. J. makes a play on the ball rather than batting it out of the end zone.

Someone at ESPN please point this out!

Congratulations on a hard fought win Seattle!

My Love Language and Birthday’s

Birthday+CakeI figured out why I love my birthday so much!  Yep.  I’m that guy who can’t resist telling people my birthday is coming up or is here.  It has bugged me at times because I know others who couldn’t care less that it is their birthday or that anyone knows.

My love language is Words of Affirmation.  Compliments and positive attention really affects me in a good way.  According to the book, The 5 Love Languages, Words of Affirmation fill my love tank.

People tend to show love and affection in the way they receive it.  So, I tend to give compliments and talk people up.  I think it explains why I tend to make a big deal out of other people’s birthday.  When I was the morning weather anchor in Lubbock I would buy a cake when someone on the crew had a birthday and we would celebrate on air.  “Make people do stuff for you on your special day” I would say.

Thanx to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, co-workers, and nice waitresses, I’m likely to get a full tank of nice comments :-)  Good times!

January 27, 2015 Oro Valley Sunset

I can’t always tell when there is going to be an amazing sunset, but sometimes it is painfully obvious.  Today was one of those days.  I left the station on the south side of Tucson about 5:10 in the evening.  A few minutes earlier than most.  The western sky was mostly overcast with mostly high clouds, but a few at mid levels.  I was thinking, “if the Sun can get below those clouds tonight’s sunset will be really nice.”  As I was driving north, the Sun came out.  The Sun had indeed gotten below the clouds.  The amazing sunset was on!  The next problem was, could I get to one of my favorite places on Magee in Oro Valley in time to get the shot?  Turns out I arrived with a good 10 to 15 minutes to spare.  I ended up taking at least a dozen shots, but this one is my favorite.  I think of all the places on the planet, Arizona is God’s favorite place to paint.