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I Love October

It’s such a great month of transition from Summer to Fall. Growing up in Oregon, I remember falling leaves, wind, and the smell of farmers burning leaves and pruned branches. One year we had over a week of oscillating fog! At night it would cool off and as the temperature dropped toward the dewpoint, the fog would close in until you couldn’t see but a few yards in front of you. In the morning the fog was the thickest. As the temperature slowly rose during the day, the fog would retreat, but not leave. This oscillation in visibility continued for at least a week! It was awesomely cool!

When I moved to Roswell, and then Lubbock, October became much more a month of extremes. In Roswell, there is one day that the record high and record low happened in the same year! Cold fronts can be quite strong in the plains, sometimes with violent results. One year on October 31st, I took my kids and girlfriend to Texas Tech hosting Missouri (I think it was Missouri). As we were walking to the stadium from the parking lot a severe storm moved in! I remember being pelted with pea sized hail (how come hail doesn’t have it’s own size?!) as we approached Jones Stadium. We finally had to seek shelter as the lightning was getting pretty intense! We were soaked and the game was delayed until the lightning stopped.  I was eventually “forced” to leave early (4th quarter) as the temperatures continued to fall through the game behind the cold front.  Tech ALMOST came from behind to win that day and I would have missed it :-)

Tucson, I have to admit, has been quite a bit more boring.  One good thing this year is I haven’t had to use the AC or the heat the entire month! I live on the third floor on the north side, so although we have had a few days in the mid 90’s, the apartment has stayed under say 85. At night I open the sliding glass door and wake up to a wonderful 50 something! Refreshingly cool and my electric bill should have some nice savings this time around :-)

Are You Smarter…


then say, a 5th Grader?! I LOVE that show! It’s funny and it’s amazing how difficult some of the questions can be. I have the most trouble with 1st and 2nd Grade English! I guess when we were that age, we didn’t use “noun” and “verb.” We used words like “subject” and I don’t know what else. 1st grade was almost 40 years ago, you know!!! Anyway, I have my application in to be on the show. I know it’s a long shot, but you can’t get invited on if you don’t apply! Jeff Foxworthy is a funny guy and perfect host for the show. On the slight chance that I was on, I could share my “You Might Be a Redneck if…” experience.

I had just moved to Lubbock in August, and in October the TV Station sent me to the “Farmer Stockman Show” to do some reporting and live weather on the Noon show. So I’m walking along and there is this HUGE John Deere tractor. About the size of a small house. And there is this family posing in front of it for a picture! Immediately, Jeff Foxworthy jumped into my brain. You know you’re a redneck when you have your picture made with a giant John Deere tractor :-)

Of course telling that story on national TV, I may never be welcomed in Lubbock again :-) It’s a chance I’d be willing to take! Pray that I have favor with the producers of the show, and that they can read my handwriting on the application! I filled it out on my coffee table and the writing angle was weird. I was gonna redo it, but I wanted to get it in right away. Anyway, time will tell. Like I said, it’s a long shot.

Texas Tech Disappoints – Again

Just when you think the team has a really good shot at competing nationally, or even in the Big 12… they choke two weeks in a row. I’m at a disadvantage in Arizona, not being able to see the games on ABC (we got other “regional” action, if Rutgers can be considered regional). However, scoring just 7 against a very good Missouri team, and having to come from behind against a good Colorado team (and falling short) is not the mark of what is supposed to be one of the countries best offenses. Too bad, because Graham Harrell was starting to get mentioned as a possible Heisman candidate. Those hopes are dashed. Looks like Tech will be heading for another lesser bowl games unless they can somehow beat Texas and Oklahoma. Yeah, right. I can’t remember who the commentator was when Tech played SMU at the beginning of the season. He mentioned how Tech always seemed to be in the middle of the pack. He said he thought the the fans in Lubbock must be happy with a team that goes to bowl games every year, but doesn’t really contend for the Big 12 title. I suppose that is true. Spyke Dykes got spiked because even though he could beat Texas and Texas A&M, he couldn’t beat Nebraska and Oklahoma. Mike Leach can beat Nebraska (so can everyone else these days) but not Texas or Oklahoma. Maybe being in flat, brown, Lubbock is too high a recruiting hurdle to overcome. Good thing Oregon and Oregon State are doing so well! Saturday’s are never a complete loss :-)

Church was awesome!

Isn’t that the way it should be? Yeppers! Calvary Christian Fellowship, 9am service. The worship music and time in God’s presence was so sweet. I love that time with Him. I can just picture Him reaching down to pull me up. It’s always such a neat picture. Him pulling me up. I sure can’t do that on my own.

The sermon was from Daniel 5:1-12. The wicked King of Babylon breaks out the fine goblets from the Jerusalem Temple and they are partying like it’s 1999 B.C. and here comes the writing on the wall! That’ll teach the King to disrespect God while thanking other gods for his success. Wrong answer! Anyway, the best part for me, and what the Holy Spirit used to talk to me was this. Daniel had been put on a shelf. He was the man of power for the hour during Nebuchadnezzar’s reign, but administrations had changed. Daniel wasn’t running things anymore and apparently wasn’t consulted anymore either. But. For 23 years, Daniel remained faithful. As a result, he was ready to interpret the writing on the wall for the King. (not really what the King wanted to hear, I’m sure)

Have you been put on a shelf? Feels like it sometimes. I know my circumstances have been different since I left my last church. Going from super involved to not really having a church home. A necessary discomfort. God is saying to me today, “Be faithful. Stay faithful. I have wonderful plans for your life!” Bet He’s saying that to you too. Just listen :-)

Old School

Mike Fro 1979

I LOVE this picture. It was taken for the yearbook my sophomore year in high school. Why do I like it so much? As a sophomore everything was going so well. I was active in school, sports, my grades were good, I was popular… all the stuff that matters to a high school kid. Also, the long curls were inherited from my Sicilian Grandma. That’s so cool to me, especially now that she has gone on to be with the Lord. She is a special lady! Even the “Nikeman” T was so cool “back in the day” :-) I love this picture. Good memories and it sparks interesting conversation even now.

Oregon State WINS!

AWESOME!  Oregon State held on and beat Cal.  Too cool.  It looked like Cal might come back, especially after a bad pass interference call by the refs.  The Cal QB scrambled on the last play of the game and there wasn’t enough time to get the field goal unit on the field and time expired.  Great game, especially by OSUs defense!  A goal line stand in the third quarter by the D won this game.

Texas Tech throttled Texas A&M and Oregon embarrassed Washington State.  It was a very entertaining day of College Football.

Looks like the Blog is working, although I’m still figuring “things” out.  I was able to change the banner at the top and I’d like to customize it more.  All in good time.  Nobody knows this blog is here yet anyway :-)