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Gravity of the Situation


I just heard on the news, today, January 21st, is the most depressing day of the year. Apparently this British researcher says the reason is that three weeks from the new year is when most people break their New Year’s Resolution. The weather is gloomy and cold. The credit cards with the Christmas spending are due. Etc.

I haven’t started my New Years Resolution(s) yet! So I’m good there. the weather is sunny and cool. I’d prefer snow, but the weather is fine. My credit card is maxed, so that’s not good. Bottom line is, I feel pretty good! If today is as depressing as it gets this year, that will be just awesome :-)

Now. Starting my New Year’s Resolution. I have to stop eating whatever whenever. I need to start fighting gravity to defy gravity. Let me explain.

My favorite exercise is to hike 1,000 feet up Pusch Peak which is located across the street from the apartments here. To mix things up I like to ride my bike up a mile and a half hill on West McGee to the Pima Canyon Trailhead. Both workouts are intense and FUN! I was hiking and/or biking 5 days a week at the end of the Summer. My legs were getting stronger and my gut was getting smaller. So why not just jump right back into it?

Part of the problem has been the sunset time in the Winter. Not enough time to hike or bike after work. That is slowly changing. The major reason for the lack of activity? I’m LAZY! A couch plopper. My clothes aren’t fitting so well and I’m not feeling as well as I should. Time for the excuses to go. If I fight gravity now I can defy it as I grow older!!!

Constructive Criticism


So, I’m driving home from a wonderful weekend visit with my Dad in Yuma. I was coming home late because we watched the NY Giants beat the Packers in OT in the NFC Championship Game. Bummer, and who would have thought that Green Bay would LOSE the third coldest game in NFL history at home? But I digress.

I got on the road around 8:40 p.m. and it’s a 3 hour drive, so I knew I was going to be sleepy both when I got home, and when I got up for work this morning. I didn’t realize that construction would add almost an hour to my drive!!! ADOT is doing some work just north of Marana. They have the southbound lanes of I-10 merging into one lane. That caused a back-up almost to Picacho Peak! It was stop (literally) and go (10 mph max) for miles. I got home at 12:35 a.m. instead of 11:40 p.m.

I wonder if there is a better way for them to do the construction, but I can’t think of it. That spot on I-10 is pretty much unavoidable for anyone traveling to El Paso, or New Mexico, or even just from Phoenix to Tucson. I couldn’t imagine trying to be in Las Cruces by early AM and running into that construction!

OK. I’m not going to complain to ADOT. Just wanted to vent. Thanx for listening :-)


Cold Protesters

Nothing like really cold temperatures to get my blood going! If you read Drudge then you probably already saw these stories. The first one is funny to me. Protesters in Maryland chanting, “Stop Global Warming Now,” while it’s snowing on them! Just kinda funny. Not that a little snow shows that so called “Global Warming” is coming to an end, but the protesters might want to read this next story.

In Russia, they are bracing for killer cold temperatures. They are expected to fall as low as 67 below zero F!!! That’s air temperature without a wind chill! That’s amazingly cold. The article explains that temps have already been 35 below and there have been a couple of fatalities. This is in a place that is used to cold and they are closing schools and warning that the extreme cold could kill heating units. There is also a lake in Georgia, Russia that is frozen over for the first time in 50 years. Hmmmmm.

Greenland is also experiencing extreme cold. There is a bay frozen 10 centimeters thick for the first time in decades there. One very cold Winter doesn’t mean for sure we are back on the down swing in temperatures, but considering what I have blogged about the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the Russian scientist who says the Sun is coming out of a “warm” cycle, we could see protesters changing their tune from, “End Global Warming Now,” to, “Send Some Global Warming Now.”

Seattle at Green Bay

Seattle Snow

Cold and snow. The forecast for today’s game. Perfect Packers weather. But wait. Last time the Seahawks and Packers played a snow game it was in Seattle and the Seahawks won! That was last year during the regular season.

It should be a great game this afternoon. Seattle has a decent offense and a great defense! Green Bay has a good defense and great offense! and, of course, Brett Favre. I like both teams, but the Seahawks are my team! It’s tough to win in Green Bay in the snow, but I hope the hawks find a way. If not, I’ll pull for the Packers the rest of the way.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Giants could upset the Cowboys?! The dream scenario has NY traveling to Seattle for the NFC Championship Game! That would be awesome.

On the NFC side you have to believe that the Colts and Patriots are on a collision course for the AFC Championship. It’ll be nice to see New England finish out the perfect season perfectly. However, if Seattle or Green Bay makes it to the Super Bowl I’ll probably have to root against the Patriots.

I guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks! They gotta play the games. I get to watch!

Sunday Morn

Here it is 6:30am and I’ve already been up an hour and a half. That’s what happens when I work the graveyard shift. I “sleep in” on the weekends and still get up awfully early. That’s OK, it’s not that awful. I enjoy the peace and quiet of the early early AM! Although living in the apartment, I have to stay quiet. Can’t wash dishes or sing to loud music :-)

Seahawks did it yesterday! Defense looked AWESOME! The offense, not so much. Next Saturday in Green Bay will be interesting! Will it be snowing? It’s already been a cold snowy Winter in Wisconsin. Not sure who that favors? The Packers are tough to beat in Green Bay. Obviously I want the Seahawks to win, but I will admit that the Packers are my second favorite team in the NFC.

Wii bowling yesterday. I was very inconsistent. I was getting a bit frustrated with some of my low scores. 150, 160. However, I had a few high scores. The highest was an incredible 274! I had eight strikes in a row. Seven or eight. What fun! If only I could bowl that way for real. I’d settle for 150, 160 :-)

Pot luck after church today. My friends the Rulands are hosting. Matt tells me they got a big screen TV! He knows I’d like to have the game on. Friends. Even though they know you, they still like you!

Looks like early service today since I’m up so early. That works out. I can watch the Giants and Buccaneers before I head over to the Rulands. This afternoon it’s the Titans and the Chargers. I’ll take the Giants and Chargers respectively!

NFL Playoffs – Redskins at Seahawks


Playoffs start in a little more than a half hour. The Washington Redskins travel to Seattle to take on the beloved Seahawks. Washington has won something like 5 straight to make it to this game. The Redskins are playing for their teammate, Sean Taylor, who was shot and killed earlier this year. After Taylor’s death I watched the press conference with Coach Joe Gibbs. Turns out that Sean had turned his life over to the Lord and his life was turning around. That happens, you know! It’s very sad that Sean was killed like he was. From what I understand, Sean’s sister invited some of her friends over to a party she had at Sean’s house. Turns out they cased the joint at the party and later broke in and stole some stuff. When they broke in a second time a few weeks later they were surprised by Sean and shot him.

So. It’s hard for me not to feel for the team. I’ve never really liked the Redskins, but with coach Gibbs being a strong Christian and the situation with Sean Taylor I can’t say I dislike ’em anymore.

Of course, the Seahawks are my team! That’s not something to take lightly :-) Yeah, I know. It’s only a game. It won’t ruin my whole day if Seattle loses. However, I don’t think they will. Seattle is 7-1 at home. They have been playing much better in the second half of the season. AND Seattle has it’s own Christian contingent. Sean Alexander is a strong Christian and great running back! He has been struggling as a runner this year, but he has mad skills and can bust it anytime. Coach Holmgren is also a believer. His wife was on a mission trip while he was coaching in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.

It’s supposed to rain in Seattle today. For the Seahawks there are no “fair weather” fans. :-) You’re either all in or not. I have been a Seahawk fan since they came into the league and that ain’t gonna change. If Seattle can play well today and get hot after that, it’s possible that they could make it too the Super Bowl. Dallas looks like the team to beat in the NFC, but they way Tony Romo played a couple of weeks ago, it’s not impossible.

So, I’m getting ready to pop some corn and settle in to some Seattle Seahawk playoff football. GO SEAHAWKS!!!

Wii Baseball

A tie?  I was expecting extra innings.  Must be a Japanese thing.  I battled back from 2 runs down to tie in the third.  I shut ’em down in the bottom of the inning to force extra innings.  WRONG!  2-2 tie.  Maybe there is something in the settings I need to change.  A tie in baseball is un-American!  :-)

I still love my Wii though.

Something Fishy

The fish tank is doing well again. It’s been through a lot since I moved from Odessa to Tucson. First, it cracked during the move. It sat empty in my apartment for over a year while I tried to decide whether to try to repair it, or get a new one. Finally, I got some help, threw out the cracked tank and bought a new one at Wal-Mart.

I set up the new tank. Bought some fish. It sure was nice! The sound of the pumps and the water. The guppies and neons and tetras swimming around peacefully. Very nice. Unfortunately, I got really lazy.

I didn’t clean the tank for a long time. Some of the fish died. Algae was growing. Not good. So, I’ve cleaned it. Bought some new fish. And it looks better than ever!


I am determined to keep it clean! I also added some floating “plants” as shelter for baby guppies. When I lived in Lubbock, I had so many new guppies that I sold them back to my favorite pet store from time to time. Guppies are my favorite because they have so much color, are hardy, and reproduce a lot. The baby guppies provide live food for the other fish, and the survivors become new colorful fish that in turn churn out more live food and, well, you get the idea.

I also like the little African Frogs! They are so cute when they swim to the surface for a quick gulp of air. They are a crowd favorite!

I love my 55 gallon fish tank. Maybe someday I’ll switch to salt water. Until then, I’ll enjoy my guppies and neons :-)



I got a Wii! I was surprised how hard it was to find one. I’ve been on the phone to the Best Buy, Circuit City, Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, Target, and Gamestop. I’ve searched the web. I’ve driven around. All of this every day since Thursday, December 27th. Ok, maybe not EVERY day, but almost!

Today, it paid off! I had just called the Gamestop, Sears, Other Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Target, another Gamestop, another other Gamestop, Toys-R-Us, and Circuit City. Nope. However, the Best Buy and all of the Gamestops told me they had received a shipment yesterday! There was hope! Wii’s were trickling in every other day or so. Also, the Wal-Mart at Foothills Mall told me they would probably have them at 6am Sunday morning because they had an add coming out. That was my fall back, but I really wanted to find one today. The Gamestop at the Foothills Mall told me their shipments came in between 11am and 2pm. Since they got a few yesterday, it was unlikely they would get any in today.

About Noon, I was kinda bored, so I decided to drive down to the Foothills Mall just to check. I hung out at the Gamestop and talked to the nice people. I played a little Mario Galaxy on the Wii on display and then decided to go. As I walked out I saw the delivery truck coming! I decided to go back in and wait a few minutes! What were the odds? Slim.

They unloaded and delivered. No Wii’s. :-( So, I drove over to the Wal-Mart. No Wii’s. Then I drove down Oracle to the Circuit City across from the Tucson Mall. Nope. Originally, I was going to go by the Best Buy on Wetmore, but since I was getting discouraged, and Best Buy was probably crowded anyway, I thought I’d go by Comp USA. I hadn’t thought of them! Do they carry Wii’s. I was hoping it was obscure enough to work! I never made it.

As I drove down Wetmore, I saw the Wal-Mart next to the Best Buy. Maybe they got a shipment yesterday too and had a Wii for Mii!? I parked and went in and found my way back to Electronics. It’s an older Wal-Mart. Narrow aisles. The dimmer lighting makes it appear a bit dingy. I was SHOCKED. SHOCKED when I got back to Electronics. The LAST Wii!!! and it was for Mii!

So, I’ve been bowling a lot :-) My best game so far is only 208 or something. I was doing better in Roswell. I have hit quite a few home runs though. I have a lot of time to practice. :-) Wanna buy a used PS2?

Extended Forecast – Colder!

Record Antarctic Ice

Another scientist weighs in and he thinks the Global Warming nonsense will be proven that soon. I imagine folks are wondering this Winter as it seems to be much colder than normal in much of the country. This morning they had snow flurries in Central Florida! Not only that, but it was Ocean effect snow! Kinda crazy.

Anyway, this Russian scientist, Oleg Sorokhtin, basically is saying that human activity is minimal when it comes to climate. Sorokhtin says the Sun is the main driver and has very predictable cycles. Everyone knows about the Sun’s 11 year cycle. Sorokhtin also talks about a 200 year cycle. He says the peak warming is already finished and we are headed for much colder weather soon! Here’s an excerpt:

“The latest data, obtained by Habibullah Abdusamatov, head of the Pulkovo Observatory space research laboratory, say that Earth has passed the peak of its warmer period, and a fairly cold spell will set in quite soon, by 2012. Real cold will come when solar activity reaches its minimum, by 2041, and will last for 50-60 years or even longer.”

Read the whole article here. And stock up on warm coats and maybe some soup.