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Eye see

The vision appointment went pretty well.  I still don’t need glasses, but the doctor did write me a prescription.  She said she was surprised that I haven’t needed glasses by now.  I guess almost everyone by age 44 does?  At least that is how she made it sound.

Turns out I am slightly far sighted.  She said my “eagle” eye should hang in there for another 5 years or so before it does a slow fade.  Again, I think she was going by statistics I guess.  What is beginning to happen is my eye is slowly losing it’s ability to focus up close.  She says over time I will need reading glasses.  The prescription she wrote me was for a very slight magnification.  She said it was to keep my eyes from working as hard during long drives.

As for the blurriness during my recent long drives, she thinks that is probably dry eye.  As the eye dries out, the surface becomes rough and that roughness causes the distortion.  She suggested trying drops on my next long drive and see if that helps.  If not, consider the glasses.

I was a bit disappointed, because she only tested for 20/20 vision.  At a health fair 10 years ago I was told by an eye doctor there that I had 20/10 and a very steady gaze.  The Doc I just saw said she thinks that’s probablt true and if I wanted her to confirm it to just drop in and she would be happy to test for 20/10  :-)

I wasn’t really prepared for a prescription for glasses, but considering it’s only a slight magnification and that’s only to keep my eyes from getting tired. Plus, considering I am old, I guess I can’t complain.  I know my good eye sight is a gift.  I’m thankful I can enjoy it awhile longer!


I like taking pictures.  Sometimes I even think I’m good at it.  It’s not that I am bad.  Not at all.  I have taken some shots that I am proud of.  Still, I’m missing something that keeps me from getting to a certain level of greatness.  The thing that keeps getting in my way?  Laziness.

Now I’m not lazy all the time.  However, I feel like I could do so much more with just a bit more effort.  Take tonight’s sunset, for example:

 053008 Sunset

VERY beautiful.  Taken right off of my third story balcony.  A nice picture.  Well framed.  Not too crooked.  What’s missing?  I really need some suaguros in the foreground.  Maybe some bushes or something.  Something that makes a beautiful sunset picture into a beautiful picture of the sunset!

It takes a bit of planning.  Driving around and finding spots that will be great and then going there when the sunset is on!  Around here, that’s more evenings than it’s not!

This laziness thing affects other parts of my life too.  As busy as I am, I somehow manage to be an underachiever.  Recognizing you have a problem is the first step!  If only I could remember the second :-)

Summer Starts Monday

Here we are.  It’s May 23rd and it’s snowing this morning in Flagstaff!  Not only that, but the forecast says an inch or two is possible above 8,000 feet on Mt. Lemmon!  If you’ve read much of my blog then you know I get upset over the global warming folk who want to tax CO2 emissions.  I’m sorry (not really) but CO2 is NOT a pollutant!  Plants love the stuff and it’s not contributing to a warmer planet.  Now that the Sun is not as active I would say the evidence points to a cooling planet and any past global warming was Solar Warming!  Certainly this latest storm on the heals of a cool Winter and Spring is more anecdotal evidence.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  We in the west aren’t likely to be in the pool, although I am still looking forward to some Bratworst!!!



I’m back from an incredibly wonderful visit to Texas!  It’ll take more time than I have to recap it all here, but I will try in the coming days.

One thing I have noticed lately that is really bugging me is my vision.  Most of the time it’s great.  I have 20-10 and can see both near and far very very well.  I try not to take it for granted.  It’s a gift from God that I really do appreciate and enjoy.  I should probably quit showing off like I do occasionally by reading someone’s e-mail off of their computer screen from half way across the room.  “You can read that from there?”  Yeah.  It’s annoying, I’m sure.

I started noticing this three weeks ago driving back from Yuma after visiting Dad.  It was getting dark and I was still on the highway.  I took off my sunglasses and everything had a slight blur to it.  I could still see OK, but everything was just slightly out of whack.  I thought maybe it was the glasses since they are kinda scratched up.  So, before the return trip from Texas yesterday I bought a brand new pair.  That ought ta fix it!

Not so much  :-(  Same thing last night.  It was getting dark, I took off the glasses and there was the blur again.  I guess it’s time to get my eyes checked, although the rest of the time I seem to have my usual excellent vision.

It’s not likely to last forever.  Dad had great vision and ended up getting cataract surgery.  Aunt Lora V. had awesome vision too, but now is going blind from macular degeneration.  Mamaw had that too.  I think I’ll enjoy what I have while I have it and try to keep my attitude of gratitude!

My advice to you young people;  Don’t get old!

Watching 4 Tornadoes

Tornado Lightning

Tornado Watch in effect yesterday afternoon and evening.  Thankfully, no bad weather.  Natalea had a softball game at 6:00 and the light rain earlier wasn’t enough to cancel the game.  Good thing.  They won 14-0 and Natalea struck out the first 6 batters she faced!

Last night there was some good rain with thunder.  I guess it was about 9 or 10.  It was coming down hard enough for awhile that it sounded like it might be hailing, but looking out the back door I didn’t see any hail bouncing in the grass.  It’s funny, because when it hails it can look like hundreds of little white Mexican Jumping Beans!

The best, most rockin’, storms were early this morning.  About 5am.  The lightning was nearly constant and close!  Power went out briefly.  VERY cool way to wake up!  I love that rumbling sound with the ocassional crackle of a close strike.  It sounds like the air is being ripped apart, because really, it is!

I was tempted to take the video camera on the front porch to capture some of the flashes and especially the constant rumbling.  I would LOVE to get some good thunderstorm audio!  I chickened out though.  Some of the strikes were really close and I didn’t want to risk it.  I figure I can get some of that audio from the comfort (and safety) of the apartment in Tucson later tis Summer when the Monsoon starts!

I got up and had coffee and all that, but I’ve had less that 6 hours sleep.  It’s about 10am now and the rain has stopped (for now).  I think I’ll take a nap!

Happy Mother’s Day

I love to drive!  Especially when there is family and fun on the other side.  For Mother’s Day I was in Lubbock on my way to the Big “D”.  Let me back up 650 miles.  Saturday morning, I left Tucson for Lubbock.  It worked out really well.  I am visiting my son before he leaves for basic training on May 22 (or is it the 21st?).  I stop in Lubbock on the way to Dallas to spend the night and visit with Mom.

The timing was perfect!  Saturday night at Mom’s and wake up Sunday morning just in time to take Mom to Golden Corral for Mother’s day!  That’s where she wanted to go, so that’s where we went.

I was surprised.  The food wasn’t that great.  However, the company was good :-)  We got done in plenty of time to go to church at my friend and pastor’s church, Calvary Chapel Lubbock.

The service was AWESOME!  Pastor Ben is a good teacher and he showed us how Jesus prayed in John 17.   Jesus prayed for ME!  and He’s praying for you right now too.

After the sermon we visited quite a lot and then I took Mom home.  We said our goodbyes and then I went to visit with my friend Don Webster!  We are working on a web site that I will talk more about soon.  His daughter had graduated from Texas Tech over the weekend, so they were all in town.  We went to the Tech campus and took pictures with Kristi and her diploma and all that.  Then Don rode part of the way back to Dallas with me while we talked about family, life, and business.

I even got a Calzone at “One Guy From Italy!”  They are the best Calzones EVAH!

So, now I’m safely in Dallas having a nice family visit :-)

Hopefully I’ll take the time to update throughout the week.  Right now we are getting ready to head to the UT Arlington Campus.  Michael s thinking of transfering there for ROTC and Engineering.  Should be a good day!


Marty Turco

What a game!  I drove back from Dad’s last night.  I knew I would get home (Lord willing) before 7:00.  I was hoping that would be early enough to catch some of Game 6 between the San Jose Sharks and the Dallas Stars.  Dallas had taken a 3-0 lead in the series only to give back two games to the Sharks.  Game 6 was going to be huge because if Dallas lost they were heading back to San Jose for Game 7.  Not a good idea.  Dallas needed to close the deal.

I was very happy to discover that it was 0-0 at the first intermission when I dropped my bags on the floor and found the remote.  Great!  Lot’s of good hockey to come.  Little did I know how much lots!

Dallas scored in the second.  San Jose scored in the third.  1-1 and we were heading to overtime!  It was their 4th overtime game out of the 6 and in all 5 previous games the team to score 1st, LOST!

In the 1st overtime the Shark goalie had an amazing save.  His glove, and the puck, were on the goal line, but the puck didn’t cross.  No goal.  In the 3rd (maybe it was the second) overtime, Marty Turco and the Shark Goalie both had amazing saves to keep the game dragging on.

By now it was 11pm here, 1am in Dallas!  In the 4th Overtime the announcers said it was the 10th longest game in Stanley Cup Playoff history!  The players were beat, but still playing their hearts out!  It was an amazing game, especially because Dallas FINALLY Won!  In the 4th overtime, on a power play goal, Dallas poked in the winner.  It was like 11:15 pm and I had already taken a nap during the previous intermission.  I was worn out watching the game.  I can’t imagine how the players felt.  Probably sleeping in today.

Next stop Dallas at Detroit.  Detroit is REALLY good this year, but the Stars are surprising everyone.  I guess we’ll see what happens!  I wonder what the odds are of getting tickets while I’m in Dallas next week?  :-)

State of Cantelope

Florida Outline

I’m over at Dad’s having a nice visit.  We are just sitting around this morning with Dad reading the paper and I am reading the internet and we have FOX News on.

So I was having half a cantelope for breakfast and scooping it with a spoon.  I dragged my spoon through the cantelope and what do you know?  I pulled out a piece of cantelope that looked a lot like the State of Florida!  I ate it, but then realized my missed opportunity.  A piece of cantelope in the shape of Florida could have garnered big bucks on ebay!

Next time I am snacking on melon I will pay more attention.  You never know when it’ll pay of!