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Be it Resolved in 2010 – The Ultimate Hike

Part way up Pusch Peak
Part way up Pusch Peak

I want to try this in 2010.  I’ve climbed Pusch Peak a couple of times and Picacho Peak once, although it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done either.  I’d say at my current fitness level, I’d be looking at a couple of months of pretty intense hiking.  Assuming I got serious about this right away, I could try it this Spring.

What am I talking about?  Hiking from Catalina State Park (2,700′) to the top of Mt. Lemmon (9,080′).  Looks like an all day hike with wonderful scenery and a quite a leg burn.  Read much more about it here.  I’ve already hiked to Romero Pools numerous times including a few days before Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas.  Here’s a nice map of the trails leading out of Catalina State Park.

April sometime would be a good time to make this hike.  Plan B could be November, which would give me all year to get ready.  I’ll let you know!

I Shot a Deer!

Smile Deer
Smile Deer!

With my camera, but still.

I decided that today would be a great day to start a morning hike along the Linda Vista Loop, just a couple miles up from the apartment (actually, I decided yesterday was a great day to start, but since I didn’t, today was a great day to start).  It was warmer than it’s been thanks to a nice cloud cover, but the wind was kinda gusty.  I figured I would warm up once I got on the trail. Turns out I was right.   50 degrees is kinda refreshing when you are huffing and puffing.   (the trail has a 300 foot vertical climb and I started out at a brisk pace… plus I am not in my best shape yet)

I was probably a little past half way around the loop when I heard some crashing through the bushes.  Two White-tailed Deer bounding by about 50 yards in front of me!  They keep trucking until they were out of sight, but then I guess one doubled back.  He was maybe 75 yards in front of me just sorta posed.  He gave me enough time to zoom in with my camera and get off a couple of shots.  I grazed him on the first shot, but the other two were dead on!  I feel like God rewarded me for getting off my lazy backside and getting out in His creation!  It was a great way to start the day, for sure.

Click on the pics from this morning’s hike for larger versions.

Hi Deer Patch of Sun Pusch Ridge Pusch Peak Trail

Guaranteed White Christmas

Overton Hotel in Lubbock, Looking West
Overton Hotel in Lubbock, Looking West

Thanx to the internets!  There is a Christmas Blizzard brewing right now pretty much over Lubbock, Texas’ head.  The storm started as rain in California, but brought snow to some areas south of Tucson.  The storm sank further southward than originally expected and the forecast for Lubbock changed from rain and some snow to some rain and more snow!  Right now the Hub City is covered with about 6″ and it’s coming down sideways.  The 7am observation at LBB is:  “Snow, Freezing Fog, Blowing Snow and Windy, 26.”  I’m jealous, especially since I should have been there had I had a few extra $$s.  Thankfully, there is the internets.

This gathering storm is now plowing east.  The kids and grandkids north of Dallas are under a Winter Storm Warning and they could see rain changing to snow by this afternoon and maybe an inch or three just in time for Christmas!

Add this snow to what is already on the ground and a large chuck of the U.S. is fixin’ ta have a White Christmas.  If you aren’t, then just surf some web cams, put on some Bing Crosby and dare to dream!

Snow Cover early AM the 24th.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Home is where you hang your hat!
Home is where you hang your hat!

As in right here in my apartment.   It’s a bit odd that I don’t feel that bad about it.   I DO miss my kids and grandkids in Texas, but there is just no way I can swing a Christmas trip this year.  Other than missing them, I am good with laying low this year.

I have friends locally that are going to ask, “What are you doing for Christmas?”  and they might invite me by ’cause they feel sorry for me.  I appreciate it!  But honestly, I am good with some alone time.

It’s not usual, I guess, but I do very well in a crowd, one on one, and by myself.  When I first took the Myers-Briggs personality test when I was a teenager, I was right down the middle extrovert/introvert.  This surprises people I know, because when I am with people, the extrovert comes out.  However, I really need my alone time or I go a little crazy.  Of course, I need my hangin’ with the peeps time too or I go a little crazy.

I am looking forward to the two or three Christmas gatherings I have yet to attend in the next couple of weeks, but I am also looking forward to watching a little football Christmas Day and making some phone calls.  I’ll be home for Christmas.  Celebrating with my Savior on His Birthday observed :-)

Mt. Lemmon Pics from Down Below

Here are a couple of shots I took this morning.  Unfortunately, we were on the southern end of the storm that hit, so the snow level was pretty high.  About 6,000 feet.  So, the 1-2 feet of snow that fell fell mainly on the mountain top.  The good news was there was a great fetch of Pacific moisture and the strong upslope wind caused a lot of snow to fall where it did!  I’m too busy with work today (that’s a good thing) to make a trip to the snow, but here’s how it looks from below:

Partial Cactus Frame
Partial Cactus Frame
Taken From Catalina State Park Entrance
Taken From Catalina State Park Entrance