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Is SB1070 a Just Law?

A friend of mine sent out an e-mail to a number of folks on her email list.  One of the recipients cited scripture:

Exodus 23:9, “Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt.”

And here was my 2 cents worth response:

Joseph and his family were asked to stay in Egypt by Pharaoh when Joseph was “Assistant Pharaoh.” Hundreds of years later the “nation” of Israel had grown in numbers and the new Pharaoh forgot the promises made to Joseph and his family generations before.  Egypt oppressed Israel out of fear mostly.  While Israeli’s were “aliens” in Egypt, they were legally in the country, even esteemed invited guests to begin with.

In other words, Israel entered Egypt legally and later had their rights revoked.  Quite different than Illegals that break the law to become aliens.  Hence, illegal aliens.   Read Romans 13 if you want to know what God thinks about obeying the law.  The authorities are both a minister of God and don’t wield the sword for nothing.  If you do good you don’t need to fear the authorities.

SB1070 is not an “unrighteous” law that goes against God’s laws or even Jesus’ teachings.

If we are to show compassion toward our fellow man, what about the hundreds (thousands?) of illegals that are kidnapped and raped by those bringing them here?   What about the repeat criminals that don’t belong here that are stealing, killing and raping Americans?  In some cases raping children.

There is nothing wrong with asking someone for their “papers” when (and ONLY when) someone is stopped for a suspected crime.  When I get stopped for speeding what is the first thing the officer asks me for? My “papers.”   A drivers license is “your papers.”   Legal Aliens are expected to carry their proof of being here, and they know it, and they do it gladly!  (at least the ones I have talked to)   Border Patrol already has the authority to ask anyone, and everyone, if they are legal residents and if they suspect otherwise they can search your vehicle and check your “papers” all according to existing Federal Law.

I am tired about this law being lied about.  This law makes it HARDER for police to racial profile.  This law forces sanctuary cities to stop enabling criminals.  This law makes it a felony for an illegal to reenter after being deported.  It’s NOT a police state bill.  It is a state law that does what existing federal law does.  Those that are lying about SB1070 are stirring up hatred.   Some people honestly don’t know better and the media is helping them to misunderstand.  Others are lying on purpose for political reasons.   Talk to a rancher on the border about how they live in fear.  Our state leaders couldn’t wait any longer to protect it’s own citizens, that’s all.

Not everybody coming here is looking for a better life.  Many of those that are end up “stealing” social services and tax payer $$ for health care and education.  Others looking for a better life are being kidnapped and raped.  Phoenix is the WORLD’S second leading city for kidnapping!  Where’s the outcry over that?

America has a LONG history of being king to Aliens.  Most of us are ancestors of those who immigrated here legally.  We have seen the aliens and we are them!

I enjoy a good debate, but it should NEVER included name calling.  We should discuss these things openly so we can come to well reasoned solutions.   Unfortunately there are forces tearing us apart.  There is way too much name calling going on… and lying.   Please pray for our country.

Tea Party Racist? Black Conservatives Respond

As an off white male (I’m 1/2 Italian and tan very well in the Summer :-) the charge of racism is kind of like, “so, how long have you been beating your wife?”  I could respond with, “well, some of my best friends are black,” but doesn’t that just sound lame.  The charge of racism has been so over used lately so as to lose it’s punch, but it can still put an off white American on defense for no good reason.

I’ll just let Black Conservatives talk for me:

and then there was James T. Harris that I recorded at the Tucson Tea Party on April 15, 2010.

I’ll leave you with a scripture and a thought.

1 Samuel 16:7
But the Lord said to Samuel, “Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

It’s like Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream speech. Someday we will get to the point in this country where people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I’d say that some liberals and some in the liberal media have some catching up to do.

One Reason I Left TV

Morning Show was Fun
Morning Show was Fun

It left me.

There are many reasons why I left, but a Newsbusters story this morning reminded of something that used to really bug me.

I used to anchor the morning news on two stations in Lubbock, Texas.  CBS13 from 5:30-6:00.  ABC28 from 6:00 – 7:00.  Back on CBS for news 7:00-8:00 and then weather cut-ins on CBS from 8:00-9:00.  Yeah, it was busy.

Occasionally, our producer would want some time off and some of those times, I would come in at Midnight and produce my own shows.  Part of that process is pulling down news stories (packages as they are called) from the various satellite feeds from the networks.  It used to bug me to no end how hard it was to find down the middle reporting.  I trusted many of our local reporters to give an honest look at both sides more than I did the supposed leaders of our industry!

Being a watcher of the news these days, and also an unapologetic conservative reporter in the “new media,” I can tell you that yes, it has gotten worse.  It seems like when the networks crowned Barack Obama as President the veil was lifted.  Network news isn’t unbiased reporting any more, rather it’s reporting with a liberal slant in much the same way that this blog and my videos are reporting with a conservative one.  I don’t mind so much that ABCBSNBC are liberal, except they try to pretend that they are fair!

So here’s the story from Newsbusters.  Seems the by a margin of 12:1, ABC, CBS and NBC have been reporting negatively on the new immigration law in Arizona.  No kidding (sarcasm).  Translation?  They are lying to the American people.  Propaganda even.  No wonder their ratings are down.  Americans are around 60% in favor of this law, and that’s even while they are bombarded by lies!  Honest reporting on the facts of the bill might even put a damper on some of the violent protests against the bill.  It couldn’t hurt anyway.  Certainly good journalism requires telling the truth.  Right?

Thank God that the term “media” is plural.  There are all sides being discussed on various mediums.  The TV networks used to do a better job of balancing themselves out.  Now we consumers of news have to turn to a variety of sources.

I don’t miss being on TV so much… well, maybe weather anchoring.  Maybe that’s why I started  See ya there!