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Don’t Divide the Land

In light of recent events I thought it would be a good idea to remind President Obama and the rest of the world that God says it’s really not a good idea to slice and dice up the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem.

Joel Rosenberg is a best selling author and also the founder of the Joshua Fund.  He just finished a conference in Jerusalem and while there recorded a two hour radio special. Here is an excerpt where Joel talks about how God feels about dividing up the land of Israel.

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Mash up!

Tears for Fears was always one of my favorites back in my DJ days in the 80s.  (Roswell, New Mexico!)

When a friend of mine posted a video of Andy McKee playing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on guitar I knew I had to try to combine it with the Tears for Fears version.

So, here it is.  My first ever attempt at a Mashup.  Not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it.

And I hope it doesn’t get yanked off of YouTube :-)

TUSD Board Members Bail when Opposition to Mexican-American Studies Expressed.

Tucson Unified School District Superintendent Dr. John Pedicone says that planning is underway for a community-wide public hearing on Mexican-American Studies as it is taught at TUSD.  Supposedly it will be an open discussion on that aspect of Ethnic Studies in the District.  If the May 10th school board meeting is any indication, there are some on the school board that have no interest in hearing opposing views.  Here is my view on how it went down Tuesday night:

In very related news, another speaker at the same meeting (that I did not get on tape) was cautioned for bad language because she was reading from material taught in elementary school. (content warning):

Yep. Education’s Under Attack

We’ve all heard the chant over and over and over (and over) and over.  “Our Education’s under attack.  What do we do?  Fight Back!”

Catchy.  So where did these students that are known as UNIDOS come up with the idea to storm a Tuscon United School Board Meeting and chain themselves to chairs?

So glad that Tucson Independent Daily was able to capture the very public Facebook discussion between School Board Member Judy Burns and some of her friends.

And whose idea was it to invite disgraced former Ethnics Studies Professor Ward Churchill?

Usama Bin Laden is Dead. Rejoice in the Streets?

It’s amazing the debate on Facebook and on the airwaves.  Should we be dancing in the streets over the killing of public enemy number 1?

Let’s start with Romans 13:3 & 4

 3For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same;

4for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.

I think it is quite clear that God has given governments and authorities the right and responsibility to protect those under it’s authority.  I will say confidently that killing Bin Laden was a good thing and God is not against that action.

Now, how should we react to such good news.  Jesus said to pray for your enemies and for those who spitefully use you.  But I guess the best scripture to address the understandable reaction we saw Sunday night/Monday morning is Proverbs 24:17 & 18

     17Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
18Or the LORD will see it and be displeased,
And turn His anger away from him.

I think Rudy Giuliana gets it just right.  He is quoted as saying, ““There‘s a great sense of satisfaction and relief that he’s finally been caught and brought to justice,” Guiliani said. “There is a desire for revenge that isn’t the most noble, but it’s there, and it’s human.”

Bin Laden’s death IS exceedingly good news!  There is nothing wrong with feeling happy about it.  We need to continue to find, arrest and kill those who still wage war against innocent people.

I also believe it’s clear that we should continue to pray for our enemies, that they will come to know the true and living God who brings peace and salvation.

When a terrorist is found and killed and justice is done we can know that justice is good and Godly.   We can feel good about a just action.  But maybe we should hold off on the party.

Feel free to comment.  I’m interested to know what y’all think.

Dana Loesch Rocks the Tucson Tea Party

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Dana walked out to Def Leppard’s “Let’s Get Rocked” and the temperature was turned up from there. Pop some corn, hit play. Dana skewer’s the old stream media for being lying liars after the Tucson shooting. They were more than willing to blame talk radio, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party before any facts were in.

Dana also encouraged the Tucson crowd reminding us that we are not alone. The St. Louis Tea Party and Tea Party’s across America stand with us.

Thank you Dana for being willing to go into the lion’s den with your conservatism and debate skills. You are welcome back to Tucson anytime!

Dana Loesch Rocks the Tucson Tea Party, April 30, 2011 from Mike Shaw on Vimeo.

Tucson’s Mexican-American Studies Problem

Specifically, Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican-American Studies Problem as assisted by the University of Arizona’s Mexican-American Studies Program.

I can hear the cries of “racist” already.  To which I will counter, “Hey, some of my best friends are Mexican-American’s.”

America saw the results of teaching a racist curriculum to an impressionable group of kids and many may be wondering, “what is going on down there?”  I spend nearly 8 minutes trying to answer that question, and honestly, it’s not nearly enough time.  Many thanx to the fine folks with Tucsonans United for Sound Districts ( for all of the information.  Loretta Hunnicutt, her husband John and long-time educator Richard Kronberg have decided to stand for what is right even though they are paying a high personal price.

Watch the video and please excuse my voice.  I’ve been coughing all week and it’s fading.  Still, I hope the story gives you a better idea of what La Raza Studies is all about at TUSD.

The next meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, 2011.  The School Board is determined to have a vote and is expected to return Mexican-American Studies to elective only status.  Currently, students can take La Raza Studies (as it was formally known as) as a core History credit.  Meanwhile, students are on record saying they will do everything they can to prevent a vote.  Should be an interesting meeting.  I hope the La Raza folk aren’t planning anything drastic.

As for the University of Arizona Professor that is apparently very much involved in the alleged indoctrination of students.  There is a much larger story there.  From what I know at this time, it sounds like Professor Roberto Rodriguez, professor of Mexican-American Studies at the University of Arizona, is hoping to export Tucson’s version of Mexican-American Studies to the rest of the country.  Hopefully, if time allows, I can do a story of how Social Justice is being taught overtly and covertly to America’s future teachers and administrators at the U of A and across the country.

The light is the best disinfectant.  Spray this post around!