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Fall No Matter How You Slice It

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Cornucopia of Information
Cornucopia of Information

I could also subtitle this post, “Fixin’ to be Fall.”

The Autumnal Equinox is upon us.  Striking just after midnight here in Tucson.  Specifically at 2:04 a.m.  This marks the moment that the Sun will be directly over the Equator on it’s journey south.  Of course it’s not the Sun that is doing the journeying so much as the tilt of the Earth as it goes around the Sun etc., etc. etc.  You know.  Stuff you learned in grade school science.  I will mention that “Equinox” is Latin or Greek (I can never remember which.) for “Equal Night.”  Presumably the entire globe has a 12 hour night tomorrow night.  I think it’ll be close.  Your individual equinox may vary however.

I always joke that the moment the Sun is over the Equator that you may feel a little dizzy, dogs may start barking, if you are doing the dishes you may drop one.  Which is of course silly.  I mean, who does dishes at 2:04 a.m.?

Meteorologically (probably not a word) speaking the Northern Hemisphere of our planet (including Tucson presumably) have been in the Fall Season for three weeks now.  September, October and November make up the Meteorological Fall.  The Autumnal Equinox marks the beginning of Astronomical Fall.  So.  No matter how you slice it it’ll be Fall for sure starting tomorrow.  I just hope it’s cooler than 80 degrees at Thanksgiving!

An Ode-esk Ode to Facebook

Facebook why do we love you so?
You hurt us and yet we always come back to you.
When you share our most private information with the world
we scream at you and threaten legal action
but in the end we update our settings
and snuggle right back into updating our status’ (stati?)
and share links with friends.

When everything I say to you comes out double
or doesn’t show up at all
We scream, “Are you even listening to me?!”
and you don’t reply. You never reply.
Eventually our comments return to normal
and so does our sick, codependent, relationship.

You know we aren’t supposed to be with you during work hours
and you show an ad or a status that isn’t safe for work.
Are you trying to get me fired?
Where am I gonna find another job in this economy?
What is wrong with you?
Don’t you value our time together?

Apparently not.

And when you promised you would never change
and then you did. And then you changed again
and moved all of my stuff to another page
and hid my friends posts from me
Sure, I got mad, but I always got over it. In time
and we are still together today.

This time you have gone too far!
That scrolling thing that shows every little thing that every friend does for all to see.
It makes me wonder what it is you are sharing about me?
Then I share graphics and like posts complaining about you
and I vent to all of my friends and their friends and their friends about you

But I can’t change you. It is you who has changed me.
Then I realize
I am lost without you
(even when I get lost trying to navigate you)

Thank You Facebook for all of the laughter, tears, frustration
because that’s what relationships are all about.
Sharing life. BFFs forever!  Well, you and Twitter.

Wait. What’s this I hear about Google +?

Good News for a Reason!

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Christian Recording Artist and Lead Pastor of The Exchange, Joel Engle, wrote this on his Facebook wall this evening:

Christian, don’t fall into despair over your sinful failings! Christ has freed you from wrath, has made you holy and will give you victory!

That gets me excited!  It is the Gospel message.  Jesus took your punishment and God isn’t mad at you anymore.  Truly this is the heart of Christianity that should be the heart of every sermon.  So often we let the enemy, or the world, or ourselves, lie to us about who we are in Christ and the miraculous transformation He has done in our heart and is doing in our lives.  When you receive Christ He gives you His Holiness!  You are justified (just as if I’d never sinned) and God removes your sin from you as far as the east is from the west!  It is a miracle and it is good news.

When we consider the story of the Prodigal Son, who spent his share of the inheritance with “loose living” and was still welcomed home by his father when he returned home then we get a glimpse of the heart of our Heavenly Father.  He never looses His love for you no matter what you choose to do.  Yes, sin has consequences and can lead you to an early grave and an unhappy life, but remember you can always run to a loving God who loves you more than you can ever imagine.  Always.

God poured His wrath out on His Son Jesus so He will never pour it out on you.  Remember that when you sin (and you do) that God isn’t angry with you.  He loves you with an eternal love.  Run to Him and receive your forgiveness, don’t run away in fear and go deeper into destruction.

Are sermons about the dangers of sin important?  Of course they are and all scripture is God-breathed and is good for instruction and even correction.  But looking at your sin is not going to bring about change in your life.  It’s when you look at the Cross and what God did for you that you realize you can trust the King of the Universe to bring you safely to your destination.  And you can trust Him with your problems and your secrets.  He already knows and He couldn’t love you any less.

Always remember and never forget that at the core of any and all Christian messages is (should be) the complete forgiveness that you receive when you receive Christ.  Joel calls it The Exchange.  It’s the best deal ever offered in the history of the universe.  You Exchanged your mess for His Glorious Kingdom!  When you do that you become His kid and a part of the family!  Now start acting like it :-)