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Pusch Peak Sunrise Time Lapse, August 11, 2012

It is no secret that I have one of the best views on the planet for sunrises.  Mainly because I trumpet that fact on the interwebs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and anywhere else I can find a virtual soap box to stand on.  Still trying to get the folks in the office of my apartment complex excited about the views from their own apartments, but I don’t think they get social media.

So, while I may not be able to negotiate a deal for $$ off my rent, I can share directly with the people!  I hope you like this 45 minutes of video sped up to just under 3:00 with some Christian music added.  Don’t like the song?  Mute it and crank your own.  Like the song?  Get a copy of the whole thing on iTunes or Amazon!

Rain Shaft Lightning Sunset from the Deck

Another amazing evening on the deck last night.  A severe thunderstorm was directly west and from my vantage point the Sun was setting behind it.  The dark and menacing storm was being back lit with muted reds and oranges with flashes of lightning accents.  Really cool!  So of course I grabbed my camera.  I knew the odds of timing a shot and catching some lightning were slight.  After taking a few pictures I switched my camera to video mode and recorded for about a minute.  Toward the end of the recording I noted a particularly strong bolt of lightning in the field of view.  I was not disappointed when I went to get the screen grab.  After some minor tweaking in Gimp, this is the result:

Pretty amazing! The regular pictures didn’t turn out so bad either.

Of course I have already shared theses shots on my Sunrise/Sunset blog, and on Facebook.  I will admit.  I am a little spoiled with such an amazing view here at the apartment.


YouTube Monetization Fail

I’ve been putting off putting commercials on my YouTube videos.  People don’t like ’em and I was afraid that maybe it might limit the number of views I would get.  At the same time I’ve been thinking that in this new world of new media that viewers wouldn’t mind supporting the work of freelancers like me.  So what the heck.  I finally pulled the trigger.  I set up monetezation and was anxious to see how well YouTube paid.

My big test came just a day or so later when I put together a story for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.  Once TheBlaze picked it up I knew it would get some views.  I was excited!  Until I saw this this morning (3 days later)

Some quick math tells me that I would earn about a buck for every 9,000 views!  That means $10 for 90,000 views!  What a joke!  I have removed monetezation from my YouTube Channel.  I’ll figure out another way to make money in this new media world.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not ungrateful at all.  I love being able to contribute to the political conversation and my videos have received some pretty cool attention.  I knew that YouTube monetezation wasn’t going to pay my bills.  I just didn’t realize it wouldn’t even pay for a Starbucks!

Still gonna do videos when I have time.  I am certain that all work pays off and leads somewhere.  It may lead to my next job, or maybe it’s just about being part of the conversation.  I’ll take it.

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day in Tucson

When I arrived at Chick-fil-A at about quarter before Noon there was no place to park in the Chick-fil-A parking lot AND in the bridal supply shop’s adjacent parking lot.  The inside lane on Oracle Road was 2 to 4 cars deep waiting to turn in and the line inside took lots of twists and turns.  The place was PACKED OUT as you’ll see in the video.  Not everyone I talked to supports the Biblical view of marriage, but everyone I talked to does believe that Chick-fil-A has a right to free speech.  Definitely the main message that united everyone there.

The wait for a chicken sandwich was about an hour.  It would have been longer but there were many people who just didn’t have the time and so they left to come back tonight or tomorrow or the next day…

Here is my report.  I didn’t get into all the news you already know, but rather focused on the excitement of the day from those in line.

Update:  TheBlaze has added my video to their Chick-fil-A Appreciationa Day coverage:

Update:  I have it on good authority that Tammy Bruce has picked up the story!  Thanx Tammy.  You can follow her on Twitter @HeyTammyBruce

Here are a few video stills from the day with some handy captions

Only an hour from now and we'll have chicken!
Only an hour from now and we’ll have chicken!
Crazy Crowded at the Counter
Crazy Crowded at the Counter
Drive Thru backed up thru and around the parking lot
Drive Thru backed up thru and around the parking lot
Boycotts are Hard Work!
Boycotts are Hard Work!

Back-to-School Bash Dust Storm

You may know that my “real” job is being the web and video guy for Teen Challenge of Arizona.  I love telling the stories of what God is doing through the ministry.  A week or so ago the Phoenix Men’s Center had it’s annual Back-to-School Bash.  This year we had a twist.  A Haboob hit shortly after the event started!  No one panicked.  No one left.  The volunteers and Men of the Center all pitched in to make sure everyone stayed safe, got fed and got backpacks full of school supplies.  Here’s Mike with more: