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Ten-for-Ben Tweet-a-thon this Saturday


What if you could take the power of all the internet things, promote a candidate for city council, raise matching funds, and have a blast doing it?  You’d do it, right?  Of course.  That’s why I am really excited about Saturday as the Ben Buehler-Garcia for Tucson City Council holds the first ever (that we know of) Tweet-a-thon.

We will be streaming live from Pima GOP Headquarters on Ben’s web site from 9am-2pm while volunteers make calls to get the rest of Ben’s $10 matching funds.  Meanwhile on the stream I will be talking with Ben about why he is the best candidate from Ward 3 in this citywide election, playing back video endorsements and interviews, and interviewing guests who will be visiting us live.  We will also be taking questions via Twitter using the #BenMatch hashtag and sharing YouTube videos on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, again using the #BenMatch hashtag.

I am so looking forward to this amazing event that will be using social media in a way that will engage the voters of Tucson and give them a chance to get to know Ben Buehler-Garcia better as we also raise funds for the campaign.

See you Saturday on all the interwebs!


I got myself a Chromecast from a local Best Buy on Friday.  Only one store in Tucson had them and they sold all 35 units in about a half hour.  I got the 33rd one!  Whew, that was close.  The Oro Valley store told me they were expecting some today (Monday), but I haven’t followed up with them.  They may have received them on Saturday and if so they are surely gone by now.  My advice to you if you don’t want to wait 4 weeks ordering from Amazon is to call your local Best Buy ASAP!  Also, I got the free Netflix offer even though Google had already announced the offer had expired.  The store clerk told me it was still good for “in-store purchases” so you may still be able to take advantage of three free months on Netflix if you buy at Best Buy.

I am really enjoying my Chromecast.  It is replacing my Roku LT.  I was getting tired of the Roku not having a YouTube app.  I also discovered that the Chromecast WILL mirror my desktop from my Mac Mini as well as my Windows 7 laptop.  It is great for showing pictures and presumably even power point presentations on a TV.  However, when I played a video that lives on my hard drive the video cast to the TV, but the audio remained on my local machine.  Hopefully Google and app developers can improve on the mirroring capabilities in time.

Here is a short demonstration video on how to mirror your desktop with the Chromecast.  I’m looking forward to more and more features with this awesome and cheap device!