How Cold was it This Morning?

I’ll need to update this post later today once the official lows from the area start coming in.  Looks like some in Metro Tucson did dip to freezing this morning.  The airport where the official thermometer is, stayed just above.  I did a screen capture of this map of  the National Weather Service observation sites in the area.  This is from 7:30 this morning:


Oro Valley was at 35 and the thermometer closest to my apartment was as well.  At the time my outdoor thermometer was reading 37.  The airport was at 36.  If you follow I-19 down to Sahaurita you can see a 32.  There is another one in the foothills.  Lots of 33 and 35 scattered around the area as well.  This is just a snapshot at 7:30, so it’s possible that some of these temps bottomed out a degree or two or three lower.

I was surprised to see 35 at Mt. Lemmon!  It may be a false reading.  Notice 20 at nearby Scout Camp and 19 at the top of the Rincons!

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