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  1. This interview absolutely proves that, regardless of Ms. Hunnicutt’s claims, she has not ‘put partisan politics aside.’ This is a woman who has probably never read nor studied the U.S. Constitution or the Critical Race Theory. I would like to know – does Loretta have any (or any relevant) education, or is she just the next Jan Brewer hiding behind a party label? “Ooh, I am on TV, but I really have nothing to say.” These two only desire to perpetuate ignorance in our country by controlling what our children learn. Not one statement in these clips convinced me that TUSD is guilty of ‘treason’ or swaying young minds. This is Beck’s typical media hype and is a sad attempt to hook the ignorant, insane and paranoid. Their newly found ‘love affair’ was sweet, I admit, but in no way negates the pedagogy and success behind the MAS programs at TUSD. Bantering alone, Ms. Hunnicutt, does not give you the credibility to present a worthwhile opinion but does supply Beck with yet another attempt to increase ratings and piss off other ignorant citizens.

  2. If you watch this video: http://www.mikeshaw.tv/tucsons-mexican-american-studies-problem/ you will see plenty of evidence presented. Richard and Lori both give examples of the curriculum that is being taught in class and a final that was given, among other things. I was at a board meeting recently where some MAS students were snickering during the Pledge of Allegiance. That disrespect of America is taught. The actions of “UNIDOS” the night of April 26th also points to a level of radicalization that does even more to confirm what many of our local and state officials have been saying about the program for quite some time.

    The state is completing it’s investigation soon. We will see what they find. I assure you that whatever it is will be based on facts. As the citizens of the country, the state, the county and city find out more about MAS at TUSD they will reject this program. I am glad that more attention is being focused on what is happening in Tucson.

    Who brought Ward Churchill down here? Another piece of evidence that these kids are being directed by adults who have a political agenda and are not concerned with helping kids get a complete education.

  3. I have also been to the board meetings and have closely followed the education of these students. I am also a social justice pioneer, and I passionately believe in equal education for all students. As it remains, the results are positive for TUSD ethnic studies students. No videos or rampant rhetoric that you have provided prove, in any way, that our teachers are educating our students to ‘rise up against America.’ You show videos of students who have lived a life of prejudice and injustice in Arizona and America. They represent the cycle that white Americans have maintained since the beginning of the Republic. “Treachery” you all cry. Please. Read a book. Open your mind. Don’t be so paranoid. These students aren’t un-American. They are the antithesis of it. They are angry at the tyranny and the fact that their very own Constitution is not relevant to them. These very well-educated instructors are teaching our students how to think, how to theororize. This is beyond the realm and capacity of the naysayers – political theory, thinking outside of the norm. Hmm. Ooh, no children, we will just teach you to turn on the boob tube and (close your eyes) listen to Beck. He will set you straight. Why does he get to rant and rave but these young adults cannot express their rage. Imagine all of this in a country with such an incredible Constitution and solid civil rights. Those white men with the most money always win. God Bless those who fight for our freedom. It isn’t Beck. These classes provoke thought and higher-level thinking. They are definitely above and beyond the intelligence level of those who oppose them

  4. Your own comments betray your flawed thinking. This country was built on the premise that all men are endowed by our creator with unalienable rights. We receive our rights from God and a limited Government let’s individuals excel based on their talents and work ethic. Teaching children that they are being scammed by rich white men is both racist and does the kids a great disservice. I don’t recommend watching TV, or even Glenn Beck, as a key to success. I would say find out what you are good at, work hard, don’t break the law, and good things will happen. I certainly don’t think teaching a racist view of America will solve our problems. No. It will create many more.

    Our system of government isn’t perfect (mainly because flawed people don’t always act the way they should), but it’s the best model that man has come up with so far. It allows citizens of all walks of life to use the gifts that God gave them and make a life for themselves. Standing for what is right and helping those that don’t have enough is admirable. Chaining yourself to a chair to get your way is not productive. The tactic of shouting down opponents is not a sign of intelligence. Rather it is meat to intimidate those that you disagree with. I don’t fault the students. They are the victims.

  5. Not even worth the response…creator? What was our country founded on? The students aren’t the victims of the pedagogy. They are the victims of the ignorant….those who have no idea what our country is based on.

  6. Sorry. Didn’t mean to throw in the Declaration of Independence there. It’s a good read. You should check it out sometime.

  7. Objectively, the class(es) formerly known as “La Raza Studies,” teaches the overthrow of the US Government, is extremely racist, anti-Semitic, as well as teaching the mythology of Aztlan (which isn’t taught in 99.99% of Mexico), utilizes books by authors who are celebrity Marxists, negates the brutality of 20th century communists regimes (and the 100+ million murders perpetrated by those governments), minimizes critical thinking while maximizing indoctrination processes in foisting the new age critical race theory (which would be right at home in early 20th Century German National Socialist propaganda).

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