Seattle Bats the Ball Out of the End Zone, No One Knows It’s a Rule

SeahawksLogoEveryone is all a twitter about K. J. Wright batting the ball out of the end zone to secure the Seahawks win over the Lions after an amazing play by Kam Chancellor. Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, and Ray Lewis have never heard of this rule after all of their years of football experience. Why? Here’s why.

Scenario: Punter gets a high snap that goes into the end zone and he kicks it backwards for a safety. Flag is NEVER thrown! The rule states that a bat (in this instance kick) in any end zone is a 10 yard penalty from the last place the last team to posses the ball possessed the ball. If the flag is thrown. The opposing team declines the penalty. Result of the play is a safety. Official explains the rule to the world.

If officials had been treating this rule this way over the years then EVERYONE knows it’s a rule and K. J. makes a play on the ball rather than batting it out of the end zone.

Someone at ESPN please point this out!

Congratulations on a hard fought win Seattle!

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