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Dreaming of a White Christmas? It Could Happen

Well, not for Tucson, but even though less than 10% of the nation is starting December with snow on the ground, all indications are that that will change in a hurry starting next week.  The weather pattern that has kept record cold in Alaska and western Canada is fixin’ ta change and that means a White Christmas where you would expect one and maybe for a few places that you normally wouldn’t.

WeatherNation posted this video on their Facebook page yesterday and I shared it on my Tucson Weather FB page and it sparked a bit of a discussion.  Take a look and see what you think.

One of my weather friends says that it is too early to predict how much snow will be on the ground across the country Christmas morning. He has promised to send me $1 if I can name exactly all the states that will have a White Christmas this year.  Since I have nothing to lose I’ll be taking a stab at it here in a day or two and you can make fun of me later.

Bottom line is the warm start to December will be a distant memory by mid next week for a lot of folks.  Even here in Tucson our forecast high for Monday is just 60 (although it’s not likely to stay that cold for long).

Snow Kids!
The kids and I made a snowman in Roswell, NM in the early ’90s

Guaranteed White Christmas

Overton Hotel in Lubbock, Looking West
Overton Hotel in Lubbock, Looking West

Thanx to the internets!  There is a Christmas Blizzard brewing right now pretty much over Lubbock, Texas’ head.  The storm started as rain in California, but brought snow to some areas south of Tucson.  The storm sank further southward than originally expected and the forecast for Lubbock changed from rain and some snow to some rain and more snow!  Right now the Hub City is covered with about 6″ and it’s coming down sideways.  The 7am observation at LBB is:  “Snow, Freezing Fog, Blowing Snow and Windy, 26.”  I’m jealous, especially since I should have been there had I had a few extra $$s.  Thankfully, there is the internets.

This gathering storm is now plowing east.  The kids and grandkids north of Dallas are under a Winter Storm Warning and they could see rain changing to snow by this afternoon and maybe an inch or three just in time for Christmas!

Add this snow to what is already on the ground and a large chuck of the U.S. is fixin’ ta have a White Christmas.  If you aren’t, then just surf some web cams, put on some Bing Crosby and dare to dream!

Snow Cover early AM the 24th.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Home is where you hang your hat!
Home is where you hang your hat!

As in right here in my apartment.   It’s a bit odd that I don’t feel that bad about it.   I DO miss my kids and grandkids in Texas, but there is just no way I can swing a Christmas trip this year.  Other than missing them, I am good with laying low this year.

I have friends locally that are going to ask, “What are you doing for Christmas?”  and they might invite me by ’cause they feel sorry for me.  I appreciate it!  But honestly, I am good with some alone time.

It’s not usual, I guess, but I do very well in a crowd, one on one, and by myself.  When I first took the Myers-Briggs personality test when I was a teenager, I was right down the middle extrovert/introvert.  This surprises people I know, because when I am with people, the extrovert comes out.  However, I really need my alone time or I go a little crazy.  Of course, I need my hangin’ with the peeps time too or I go a little crazy.

I am looking forward to the two or three Christmas gatherings I have yet to attend in the next couple of weeks, but I am also looking forward to watching a little football Christmas Day and making some phone calls.  I’ll be home for Christmas.  Celebrating with my Savior on His Birthday observed :-)

He’s Got the The Whole World

Wow. It was really unexpected. Mom sent me a big ol’ box for Christmas, but it was what was inside that was the surprise. It was the Whole World! A Globe! I’ve wanted one, but it’s something I probably never would have bought myself. Afterall, there is Google Earth :-)


This globe is really special. First of all, Mom got it for me. Also, each country is a gem stone! The oceans too. It’s really cool, valuable and practical.

Thanx Mom!

John 3:16-17
16“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Favorite Christmas’ – Skiing

I’m not positive of the year. Most likely 1992. I lived in Roswell, New Mexico and the kids lived across town. Christmas morning was clear and cold! I was up early and loaded the car with presents for the kids and drove to their house. I stayed maybe an hour or two and got to watch them play with their new toys, etc. I then left so they could get on with their visiting other family, and I made the short drive to Ski Apache.

I was a Weatherman on KBIM TV at the time and Ski New Mexico provided all the weather folks in the state with free skiing! I had been a few times and was getting decent. It was way fun! That’s for sure. So, by 10am I was on the slopes and pretty much skied all day! I was by myself, so I didn’t really talk to too many people. I just enjoyed the skiing and the snow. Did I mention I LOVE SNOW?! The slopes close at 4:00. I skied pretty much until then, turned in my rentals, and drove home. Stopping at the Sonic in Ruidoso first, of course. I was tuckered out, but Christmas wasn’t done yet.

I got home a little after dark. I was invited to the Simmons’ for Christmas Dinner! I lived just a few blocks from them, so I changed and walked to their house using the Spring River Trail and then up the hill on Pennsylvania. The meal was delicious, as always, and I got to spend more time with the kids and also my ex-in laws.

For variety, fun, and family, it’s hard to beat this Christmas memory!

Favorite Christmas’ – Miracle Snow!

Branches Full of Snow
I was a reporter/photographer at KBIM TV in Roswell, New Mexico. One man bands they (we) are called. Reporters who shoot their own stuff. It was probably the first Christmas after my divorce and the first since moving back to Roswell from Canby. That would make it the Christmas of 1991.I was the low man on the totem pole. That means I was the only reporter. AND the only only photographer scheduled to work that day. I had gone to Gaye Drive the night before (Christmas Eve) to shoot video of Christmas light’s in that famous for Christmas Lights neighborhood! At least famous in Roswell. I’ll probably even check it out this Christmas Eve while I am there!I admit it. I was feeling sorry for myself. I was working on Christmas. I was a little sad and a little lonely. Separated from family and all. I was working on my Christmas lights feature. The idea was to take my video and do an AB Roll. Basically, fading back and forth between shots. The whole thing set to music. Vic McCarty, our sports guy and good friend, gave me some Christmas music from the Kingston Trio. So, I finished that and it turned out pretty good actually :-) I do remember being sad and lonely while I put it together though :-(

The forecast was for cold and fog and low clouds. No precipitation, just cold and cloudy. Well it started to snow! It was probably 34 degrees, but it was snowing! And it snowed and snowed some more!

It was still snowing and I had to cover a story at the Catholic Church. They were feeding homeless and poor folk Christmas Dinner. As you can imagine, the story was very very touching! I had a great time covering it! And the whole time it was snowing!!! I remember getting my shoes wet going back to my car because of the slush. But who cares! It was SNOWING!

If you know me at all, you know I love snow! I got some video of the snow to send to Albuquerque. Put my story together. It was all good :-)

My video aired in Albuquerque. My Christmas lights aired on KBIM (I wish I had a copy) and so did my story. I did my job on Christmas, and God gave me a miracle snow to enjoy!!!

Favorie Christmas’ – Comet


It was in the ’70’s, I know that. It was a really cold Christmas morning. We lived on Seven Oaks Lane, about four miles outside of Canby. I’m not sure of the year, but I do remember that they were building more houses and extending the street. I was probably in 5th or 6th grade since I was really interested in astronomy by then.

I’m think I might have got a telescope that Christmas. What I do remember most was the neat time I spent with Dad.

There was a comet that was supposed to be visible in the west. I don’t remember the name, but if you hang on a second, I’ll Google it. Hang on…

I can’t find it. I remember it started with a K. It was some long Russian word, I think. Hang on. I’m gonna Google some more…

I found it! Comet Kohoutek. Visible Christmas of 1973. That would make this story the second year we lived on Seven Oaks Lane. (That puts me in 5th grade) Glad we got that settled! What did we do before the Internets?!

So, Dad and I went outside Christmas morning before the Sun came up to see if we can see this comet. (we never did) We were on the west side of what would later be Edna’s house. We were on the west side to see if we could spot the comet, plus there was a bitter east wind blowing! It was cold :-)

But the best thing about the whole thing? Was spending the time with Dad. I don’t remember what we were talking about. Astronomy maybe. I just remember hanging out with him on the west side of a house under construction on a cold Christmas morning. It was the best! Thanx Dad!