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Dreaming of a White Christmas? It Could Happen

Well, not for Tucson, but even though less than 10% of the nation is starting December with snow on the ground, all indications are that that will change in a hurry starting next week.  The weather pattern that has kept record cold in Alaska and western Canada is fixin’ ta change and that means a White Christmas where you would expect one and maybe for a few places that you normally wouldn’t.

WeatherNation posted this video on their Facebook page yesterday and I shared it on my Tucson Weather FB page and it sparked a bit of a discussion.  Take a look and see what you think.

One of my weather friends says that it is too early to predict how much snow will be on the ground across the country Christmas morning. He has promised to send me $1 if I can name exactly all the states that will have a White Christmas this year.  Since I have nothing to lose I’ll be taking a stab at it here in a day or two and you can make fun of me later.

Bottom line is the warm start to December will be a distant memory by mid next week for a lot of folks.  Even here in Tucson our forecast high for Monday is just 60 (although it’s not likely to stay that cold for long).

Snow Kids!
The kids and I made a snowman in Roswell, NM in the early ’90s

An Ode-esk Ode to Facebook

Facebook why do we love you so?
You hurt us and yet we always come back to you.
When you share our most private information with the world
we scream at you and threaten legal action
but in the end we update our settings
and snuggle right back into updating our status’ (stati?)
and share links with friends.

When everything I say to you comes out double
or doesn’t show up at all
We scream, “Are you even listening to me?!”
and you don’t reply. You never reply.
Eventually our comments return to normal
and so does our sick, codependent, relationship.

You know we aren’t supposed to be with you during work hours
and you show an ad or a status that isn’t safe for work.
Are you trying to get me fired?
Where am I gonna find another job in this economy?
What is wrong with you?
Don’t you value our time together?

Apparently not.

And when you promised you would never change
and then you did. And then you changed again
and moved all of my stuff to another page
and hid my friends posts from me
Sure, I got mad, but I always got over it. In time
and we are still together today.

This time you have gone too far!
That scrolling thing that shows every little thing that every friend does for all to see.
It makes me wonder what it is you are sharing about me?
Then I share graphics and like posts complaining about you
and I vent to all of my friends and their friends and their friends about you

But I can’t change you. It is you who has changed me.
Then I realize
I am lost without you
(even when I get lost trying to navigate you)

Thank You Facebook for all of the laughter, tears, frustration
because that’s what relationships are all about.
Sharing life. BFFs forever!  Well, you and Twitter.

Wait. What’s this I hear about Google +?

Back to the Blog!

I’ve ignored mikeshaw.tv for too long.  You can blame Facebook if you want (I do), or maybe I’m just lazy, or perhaps it’s because I’ve started like 3 or 4 other blogs.  Whatever the excuse, I’m back. Back on mikeshaw.tv where I belong updating family and friends on what’s up.  There may be a few changes around here, but mostly I just want to blog.

Every morning for quite some time now, I get up, make some coffee, and then I update my Facebook page and twitter account with the “Tucson Weather.”  I’ve had quite a few comments from my Facebook friends that they appreciate the daily forecast.  I was thinking yesterday, as a very strong for October storm was approaching, that I would like to expound on the weather regularly in a blog format.  As I was trying to think of names for my blog I thought, “You know, I have mikeshaw.tv that I don’t do anything with.  Why not just use the weather category there (here).”  And with this post, a blog is reborn!

So.  I’ll still be updating Facebook and Twitter with the weather, but I will be expounding on it here.  I’ll be expounding on other stuff too.  See you soon :-)

Grow the Fro Bro!

Mike Fro 1979

I joined Facebook a week or so ago.  A friend e-mailed me from my web site and asked if I was on FB (see.  already learning the lingo), so I checked it out.  So far it’s been cool!  I’ve found several friends I haven’t talked to in a long time.  In some cases years!

So.  For fun, I decided to use my sophomore high school picture as my Facebook pic.  The comments have been funny.  From “that’s cool, the style is coming back,” to “who told you that ‘works for you’ ’cause it didn’t.”  Folks were even offering $$ if I would grow it back, and then more not too :-)

Like I said, it’s been fun.  So my friend at work who has been part of this kidding around, says, “I want to get a t-shirt that says, “Grow the Fro Bro!”  It was one of the comments and something that some of the kids in youth group told me last year.  So that got me thinking.  Why not a fun web site where people could post now and then pictures of them when they had the Fro?!  I went ahead and bought the URL, www.growthefrobro.com  Maybe I’ll work on it later today!