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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Home is where you hang your hat!
Home is where you hang your hat!

As in right here in my apartment.   It’s a bit odd that I don’t feel that bad about it.   I DO miss my kids and grandkids in Texas, but there is just no way I can swing a Christmas trip this year.  Other than missing them, I am good with laying low this year.

I have friends locally that are going to ask, “What are you doing for Christmas?”  and they might invite me by ’cause they feel sorry for me.  I appreciate it!  But honestly, I am good with some alone time.

It’s not usual, I guess, but I do very well in a crowd, one on one, and by myself.  When I first took the Myers-Briggs personality test when I was a teenager, I was right down the middle extrovert/introvert.  This surprises people I know, because when I am with people, the extrovert comes out.  However, I really need my alone time or I go a little crazy.  Of course, I need my hangin’ with the peeps time too or I go a little crazy.

I am looking forward to the two or three Christmas gatherings I have yet to attend in the next couple of weeks, but I am also looking forward to watching a little football Christmas Day and making some phone calls.  I’ll be home for Christmas.  Celebrating with my Savior on His Birthday observed :-)

Cotton Pickin’!

Tech Logo

Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl just a little over two hours away as I type!   Very exciting amidst the disappointment. Don’t get me wrong.  The match up is a good one, but honestly, Tech deserved better.

11-1 in the Big 12 South.   The only loss at Oklahoma.   The same Oklahoma that is ranked number one in the country and will be playing for a National Championship.  Texas Tech went from #7 to #2 when they beat Texas at Tech that fateful October day.  A day that throw the whole BCS in a tale spin!

Mississippi has had a great finish to their season.  They went 3-4 before winning their last 5 games.  Their biggest win was against Florida in the swamp!  The same Florida that is ranked #2 in the country and will play Oklahoma next week for the National Championship.

Texas Tech is a heavy favorite in this game.  Tech is a team that easily should have been BCS qualified, but since Texas and Oklahoma were ahead of them in the BCS standings, Texas Tech is left out.   This is where the danger is for Tech.

Flashback to 2004.  California had just one loss going into the Holiday Bowl.  They had lost out to the BCS rankings and ended up out of a BCS Bowl.  Very similar to what happened to Texas Tech this year.  California complained all over the media and then ended up losing to Texas Tech in that Holiday Bowl 45-31.   It was really fun for this Tech fan to watch!

However, the scenario is too close to this year.   Texas Tech should beat Mississippi.  They are heavily favored.  That means all the pressure is on Tech.  They have to guard against their disappointment of being slighted this year and take that frustration out on the Rebels this afternoon!  Tech cannot afford to take Mississippi lightly.  If they can do all that, they should win.

I’m hoping Tech WINS BIG to make a statement.

UPDATE:  Final – Mississippi 47,  Texas Tech 34


Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

GREAT book!  I remember when I was a new Christian.  Barely a year in the faith.  My Church, Trinity Church in Lubbock, had a men’s groups study on, “Wild at Heart.”  I already had a home group so I didn’t sign up although I was interested.  Especially since it was being taught by an Air Force recruiter I admired.

So, years later, I FINALLY read it.  I read it on Saturday.  Now I’m wondering, what took me so long??

There is so much to the book.  I’ll probably reread it sometime.  The main messages I got out of the book?  For me, it boils down to a couple of principles that has really igniting something in me.  The biggest and most impactful?  It’s OK for me to be who I am!  God gave me a lot of wonderful gifts.  I don’t need to be afraid of them.  I shouldn’t suppress them.  That’s like hiding your light under a bushel.  No.  God has reasons why He made me the way He did.  I need to come out from behind my personality and quit beating myself up for being an under achiever.  And, to challenge myself to not be so lazy.

Growing up, school was very easy for me.  I’d show up, stay awake in class (for the most part), blow off the homework and ace the tests.  I developed a nasty habit of being lazy.  Hey.  If I can excel without trying, then why push myself?

It truly is a blessing and a curse.  How cool that I can just show up and learn!  Of course the flip side is, sometimes challenges come along in life that do require extra effort.  I’d rather watch TV :-)

When I was in elementary school I found out that not everyone thought the really smart people were cool.  I also discovered I could make people laugh.  So.  Why not suppress the one and develop the other?  Classic under achiever syndrome.

I think God is challenging me.  Not to be the smartest around, but to not be afraid to be who I am.  To be thankful for the gifts He has given me and to use them for His glory!  That means studying His word more.  Spending time in His presence.  As I learn about Him and get to know Him, I can share with others.  I desire to teach and preach.  If it’s His will I need to pursue it!  The big question I have now is, what is the best path to take to do that?

Another area is assertiveness.  I need to assert myself more and have more confidence!  Or at least realize that I have more to contribute then I have at times.  Once upon a time in high school I was brimming with confidence.  I was class president.  I was all league in track.  Good at football.  School was easy and I was popular.  It seemed everything I did turned to gold!  Slowly as my drug and alcohol use increased I started to falter.  By the time I was a junior I quit football, was kicked off of the track team and dropped out of school the following year.  I languished for a few years before I moved to New Mexico to start my broadcasting career.  I have done pretty well despite not having a college degree thanx to the gifts God has given me, but I never quite regained the confidence I had before I started messing up.

I need to realize.  God’s gifts and talents are without repentance!   I didn’t mess up His best plan for my life, rather He has made me a new creation in Him!  I can forget the former self and truly live!  That means forgetting those things that are behind and pressing forward to the high calling of God.  With His help I intend to do just that.

The other area is relationships.  Women.  But that is none of your business :-)  God is teaching me some things.  Someday, Lord willing, I am going to be a great husband to a blessed beautiful woman!

More Texas Tech Drama


Apparently, Mike Leach went ballistic about the officiating of the Texas game. The story is here. Basically, Coach Leach is upset that an official who lives in Austin was allowed to ref the Texas Tech – Texas game in Austin! There must have been some bad calls, at least in Leach’s mind. One Tech TD was called back in the third quarter for holding. I didn’t see the game, so I can’t say if it was a bad call. Apparently Mike thinks it was! There must have been others too for him to risk a fine and being suspended for the Oklahoma game next week.

Then there’s the Oregon State game last night against Washington. I went to bed at half time (it was already past 10pm here). The Beavers were already ahead 16-0. Apparently a very bad call went against OSU in the final two minutes that could have cost them the game. Not as bad as last year when the Oklahoma Sooners would have beaten the Oregon Ducks if it weren’t for a very bizarre call on an onside kick! I DID see that play and it was obvious to anybody watching on TV the ball did not go ten yards before being touched by a Duck. You can see how they might miss it on the field, but when the reply official blew it?! That has to be the all time bad call ever, and I’m a Duck fan! Worse than the officiating at the Super Bowl that might have cost the Seahawks the title a couple of years ago.

Hey, officiating is a difficult and thankless job. They overwhelmingly do a good job. Every once in awhile though, you wonder. How on Earth did they miss that?! Especially if it’s reviewed and they still miss an easy call. Life isn’t fair. As a friend of mine says, fair is where you take your pig! The best way to overcome bad officiating is outplaying your opponent enough to make even bad calls non-factors. Sometimes easier said than done.

Update:  Coach Leah was given the largest fine ever in the Big 12.  $10,000.  He is not suspended, but warned next time he could be.

Shootout in Austin

Texas TechTexas

Wild game yesterday. 102 points scored between Texas and Texas Tech! Unfortunately, Texas had 59 to Tech’s 43. Texas outscore Tech 24-23 in the 4th Quarter alone! Must have been a wild finish. (here’s the box score) I don’t know. I didn’t see it. There haven’t been many Texas Tech games on here in Tucson. It’s not because they aren’t good. In fact, I think it’s because they are good, and entertaining, that they aren’t on! Most of their games have been on ABC regional coverage. Here we get PAC 10 on ABC, so no Tech. Last year I saw a lot of Tech games on FSN, ESPN, and ESPN 2. I imagine Oklahoma at Texas Tech will be on ABC next week too. We’ll see (or not, I suppose)

NFL today. Seahawks play Monday Night, so I’m really glad I’m back on my normal schedule Not sure of the best games today (yet) but I’m sure there will be some good ones. Depending on when I go to church, and if I do anything after will determine what I watch, I suppose. I’d like to see Green Bay if they are on. I know Indianapolis plays San Diego tonight. Mom will be excited to see her Chargers on TV. Not sure if Arizona is playing today. If they are, it’ll be on TV for sure. I like Kurt Warner, and I find myself rooting for the Cardinals. Although it depends on who they are playing. It’s hard to get to excited about them since they aren’t very good.

Oh well. There’s always next year!

Tech Texas

Tech Logo

Texas Tech travels to Texas today for a big Big 12 match-up. What a rivalry! I remember my first year in Lubbock. It was 1994 and Texas was heavily favored to beat Tech. I mentioned to our weekend sports guy that Tech was gonna lose. He let me have it! I ended up eating my words too. Tech won a close game and it was AWESOME! It was also my first game helping the sports department at KLBK shoot the home games. The atmosphere was absolutely electric! The sold out crowd was loud and I remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck more than once as I was shooting the game from the roof of the press box. I have been a Tech fan ever since. There have been some great games in this rivalry. Zebbie Lethridge passing for over 500 yards in a losing effort. Wes Welker scoring two TD’s in 2002 against Texas for the win.  Many more close wins for Tech and for Texas in years past.

Unfortunately, times have changed. Texas has won 6 out of the last 7 (or is it 7 of the last 8?) and many of them have been blow-outs. Texas looks shaky this year, but for the most part have managed to win. They are ranked 14 in the nation, which means this is a great opportunity for Texas Tech. The Texas running game has been looking better the last two weeks. Tech’s defense has trouble stopping the run. Otherwise, Tech would have beaten Oklahoma State in their first Big 12 game this year. Even without a dominating “D”, Tech is dangerous! In the OK State game, if Crabtree would have caught that last TD pass they would have won! No one feels worse about it than him, I’m sure. Point is, Tech has the potential to outscore anyone!

If the offense can get on track, and stay on track, they have a chance. If Texas Tech has ANY chance at a decent bowl game they have to win today at Texas, and they have to beat Oklahoma in a couple of weeks. It’s a tall order. I think today will be a game worthy of Tech/Texas games of old. It should be high scoring and down to the wire. GO TECH!


Fro'd Out
Fro'd Out

I went to Mouse Davis’ football camp the Summer between my Sophomore and Junior years. Here I am at the end of camp standing between pro football players Dave Stief (receiver, St. Louis Cardinals) and June Jones (Pro Quarterback and now coach of the University of Hawaii Rainbows. Mouse Davis is his offensive coordinator, I believe.).