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Best Sunrises and Sunsets on the Planet! January 23, 2016

Great way to start the day yesterday!  This is looking east to Pusch Peak from my perch here in Oro Valley.


As 6:00 pm approached I had a feeling that the sunset would be special if the sun could duck underneath the high clouds.  It did.  It was.  I drove less than 2 miles from the apartment to a spot on Magee east of Oracle near Pima Canyon.  God does the hard part, I just point and shoot.


No doubt that Arizona is God’s favorite place to paint!

Sunset Time Lapse

I saw the high clouds late yesterday afternoon and knew it was going to be another one of those amazing Tucson Sunsets (patent pending) that we Tucsonans love so much.  So I grabbed my tripod, camera and FlipUltra HD and headed for Pima Canyon.  I hiked about a half mile up the trail, ducked behind some cacti and ocotillo, set up my tripod and started rolling.  Meanwhile, I hiked around with my “regular” camera and got a few dozen shots.  The best ones are here.

I sat on a rock drinking in God’s handiwork while the Flip did all the work. I love watching Him paint and repaint and repaint the sky.  As it got darker and darker the Moon seemed to get brighter behind me.  I followed my Moon shadow back to my car and coasted (almost) down the hill to edit the video.

Here it is.  45 minutes of sunset condensed into 3 minutes-ish with Selah’s, “Oh Draw Me Lord.”

Tea para Me

Cup of Tea

The English are on to something.  It’s the second day in a row that I’ve been enjoying a spot of tea!  I like the Earl Grey (cause I like to taste my tea!) but it’s also Green Tea (anti-oxidants baby!).  Earl Grey Green Tea. I found it at Safeway.  For all of their high prices they have a couple of things I like.  Good produce and good tea assortment.

Which reminds me.  My Dad worked at Safeway in California.  The story I remember is that he was the youngest assistant manager in the state at 19!  Way to go Dad!  I also remember hearing that he would bring home the slightly expired milk.  Good savings!  Of course, it stunted my growth :-)

So, back to the tea.  It’s nice to sip some tea and ramble about whatever for a few minutes with friends or on your blog.  I like mine with a spoonful of honey.  I’m heading out to a dentist appointment and then to the store.  I’m out of the 100% pure unfiltered unheated honey that I get from Sprouts.  I just recently learned that most store honey is heated so that it is in that semi-liquid state.  That apparently kills a lot of the good micro-organisms in the honey that are good for you!  The good stuff has bits of pollen (and bits of bees) and is much better for you.

There. I got off subject again.  Tea.  Yes, the English have it figured out.  Take a break in the afternoon.  Relax for a bit.  Get a shot of some caffeine and you’re ready for the rest of the day!  For me that’s go to the Dentist and get my new bridge installed.  Hit a couple of grocery stores for some supplies.  Then either hike up Pusch Peak like yesterday, or do the bike ride up to the Pima Canyon Trailhead.  I have a long ways to go to lose this weight, but if I keep eating right and exercising, it’s just a matter of time.

Man, this tea is good :-)

Back on the Bike

It’s been too long.  I FINALLY took my favorite bike ride for exercise.  I have a used mountain bike that I bought from a friend.  It’s nice.  The gears aren’t as smooth as they should be, but otherwise really nice for a used mountain bike.   I like to ride it “up the hill.”

From the apartment it’s just a few blocks to West McGee and heading east that climbs right up to the trailhead for Pima Canyon.  It’s a bit over a mile and a half and a pretty decent climb.  The first part is gentle, but quickly gets steep up to the just past half way point.  There is a stop sign and a little place to park.  That’s where I rest and drink some water until I get in better shape.  Then I can just keep right on going.  Right now, not so much.

The rest of the way is actually more difficult.  It’s not as steep, but it’s a loooong steady climb.  Since I’m already tired from the first part, this is where the fight is, and therefor, most of the benefit!  After huffing and puffing it’s Pima Canyon Trailhead!  Here I drink some more water and actually walk back and forth balancing on the curb as I recover.  I’m hoping that will help my balance!

Then it’s the big payoff.  Downhill!  I don’t have a speedometer, but I imagine I get up to about 35 or 40 mph.  It’s why I bought a helmet.  I resisted getting one at first, but after wondering what would happen if I hit a rock wrong or something…

Then it’s the final show off part.  Near the bottom of the hill I almost always hit the red light at Oracle.  It’s still slightly downhill here.  So, I shift into a low gear and wait for the green.  I then race the cars behind me down the block.  I usually win :-)  It’s just a bit of speed work at the end of a good work out.  It’s good to be back on the road!

Gravity of the Situation


I just heard on the news, today, January 21st, is the most depressing day of the year. Apparently this British researcher says the reason is that three weeks from the new year is when most people break their New Year’s Resolution. The weather is gloomy and cold. The credit cards with the Christmas spending are due. Etc.

I haven’t started my New Years Resolution(s) yet! So I’m good there. the weather is sunny and cool. I’d prefer snow, but the weather is fine. My credit card is maxed, so that’s not good. Bottom line is, I feel pretty good! If today is as depressing as it gets this year, that will be just awesome :-)

Now. Starting my New Year’s Resolution. I have to stop eating whatever whenever. I need to start fighting gravity to defy gravity. Let me explain.

My favorite exercise is to hike 1,000 feet up Pusch Peak which is located across the street from the apartments here. To mix things up I like to ride my bike up a mile and a half hill on West McGee to the Pima Canyon Trailhead. Both workouts are intense and FUN! I was hiking and/or biking 5 days a week at the end of the Summer. My legs were getting stronger and my gut was getting smaller. So why not just jump right back into it?

Part of the problem has been the sunset time in the Winter. Not enough time to hike or bike after work. That is slowly changing. The major reason for the lack of activity? I’m LAZY! A couch plopper. My clothes aren’t fitting so well and I’m not feeling as well as I should. Time for the excuses to go. If I fight gravity now I can defy it as I grow older!!!