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Will it freeze by morning in Tucson?

I’m thinkin’ maybe :-)

I was disappointed this morning.  NO freezing temperatures at the apartment in Oro Valley.  No official freezing temperatures at the Tucson International airport.  That would have tied the record and all that.  Sports has it’s records, well so does weather!  Usually not recognized as quite as exciting, but exciting to us weather freaks just the same.

Where was I?  Yes.  Freezing by morning.  Well, we were close this morning.  37 is the lowest I saw on my little indoor/outdoor thermometer (and we know how accurate those are!)  Some of the Mesonet sites around town had some right at freezing temps this morning, so there is hope.  The National Weather Service is repeating their Freeze Warning from 1am – 9am for Chocise, Graham, Santa Cruz and Eastern Pinal and Eastern Pima Counties.

It’s a similar setup tonight as last night.  Cold air (for this time of year) is in place.  Winds are dying down.  Dewpoint is low (12 degrees).  Clear skies.  It’s 50 right now at 8:06pm, so were talking 18 degrees in 11 hours or so.  I’m sticking with my first answer.  Maybe….

Tucson Weather: October 28, 2009

Tucson Weather: Becoming partly cloudy with a few showers possible.  Windy and cool with temperatures staying in the 50s for the most part.  Winds gusting to near 30 at times.  Freeze Warning tomorrow morning.  Skies becoming mostly clear tonight and winds dying down.  Lows in the low to mid 30s.

A strong cold front blew through last night and hit the apartment right at Midnight.  There were a few showers with it too.  It hadn’t rained in so long, I almost didn’t recognize the sound!  I think there was hail in it the way it was hitting the window.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t much rain.  I don’t think it was enough to even cover the ground.  At least not here.

The most exciting part of this storm is it’s strength.  The National Weather Service has been marveling for a few days now about how strong a storm this is for late October.  The Meteorologists have been saying this is more like a late November/early December storm!  Yesterday the talk was, would Tucson break the record for the coldest high on record for October 28th.  Doesn’t look like it.  The record is 61, I think.  Well, it was 68 here at the apartment when the front hit at Midnight so even though we will probably stay in the 50s today, the high at Midnight was too high.

The other cool news is this storm is bringing some mountain snow.  But, since it’s a dry system, not much.  Probably just a dusting to and inch or two on nearby Mt. Lemmon.  The White Mountains to the north-northeast may get a bit more.

The next big news is the cold air moving in.  The National Weather Service has issued a Freeze Warning for tomorrow morning.  Widespread freezing temperatures are expected in the morning for Cochise and Santa Cruz and Graham Counties for sure.  Easter Pinal and Eastern Pima too, although temps around Tucson Metro will be close.  Low to mid 30s for most of town, so your mileage may vary.  Outlying areas, low cold drainage areas like washes, and the Foothills have the best chance for a freeze in the morning.  This is pretty early for a first freeze for Tucson.  The average is November 24th!  The earliest on record is October 16, 1899.  Here are the numbers if you want to look at them in detail for yourself.

Tomorrow looks like another chilly day and Friday morning near freezing again.  Then a fast warm up back into the 80s by early next week.