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This is how you get 8 years of President Trump

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt
EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

I tuned in the Sean Spicer Show on Friday and heard EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt explain to an incredulous press corps why President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord. After Pruitt left the podium to catch a flight, the questions continued for Mr. Spicer. “Does President Trump think Climate Change is a hoax?” “What does the President say to the rest of the world about our leadership on Climate?” “Does the President hate puppies and babies too?” OK, I made that last one up. Not one question on the stock market which was making another run to a record close. If you watch ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC you would have no idea that the Dow is well over 21,000 points now. Not one question on the jobs report that showed the lowest unemployment rate since 2001 either. Weird. I wonder if Obama was still President would all this good news be ignored?

That my friends is the point. The media continue to scream Russia, Russia, Russia and ignore the issues that got the President elected President in the first place. Jobs! If the propaganda wing of the Democratic party, and the Democrats themselves, think that bashing Mr. Trump over pulling out of a job killing, U.S. taxpayer draining, climate deal will win back voters, I want some of what they are smoking! Paris promised less than a .2 degree Celsius reduction in global temperatures by the end of the century. Even those who think the planet needs saving should realize that .2 degrees cooling in the next 83 years won’t exactly make a trillions of dollars difference. Turn your AC down .2 degrees and enjoy chill! The press is talking to itself and a few true believers and past those who elected Trump; working Americans. You know, former Democratic voters who just want to get back to work and support their families.

The election of Donald Trump itself demonstrates how the mainstream press have lost their influence. We conservatives have been on to them for a long time. Now working Americans who have seen their jobs disappear because of EPA regulations, Obamacare, and bad deals like the Paris Climate Accord see that the press and the Democrats don’t care about them. A recent Gallup Poll showed that the number one issue that Americans care about is the economy and jobs followed closely by immigration. The environment and climate finished tied for dead last! Yet the press is laser focused on what flyover country isn’t. Russia, Russia, Russia and how the planet will be drowned in melted ice any minute now. Never mind that Antarctic ice continues to break records and Arctic ice, while less extensive than the cold decade of the 70’s, continues to remain as thick as 30 year averages. If democrats think their chicken little act is gonna get them elected they are in for a continued perpetual rude awakening.

Meanwhile, billionaire liberals continue to lecture ordinary folk that if we don’t hamstring reliable energy and give the UN trillions of dollars to fight Climate Change the end is neigh. Just ask Bill Nye. Of course they continue to jet set around the world in their private jets and recreate on their massive yachts. Hypocrite much? The United States is leading by example by cutting carbon emissions to 1990’s levels. All without the help of the UN! Shocking, I know. Granted, Elon Musk has made a cool electric car, but until he gives up his private jet I’m not convinced that he really believes Climate Change is dire. He has decided to leave the President’s councils on business, manufacturing jobs and infrastructure over our leaving the Paris Accord. He’ll fly back to Silicon Valley in his private jet leaving a giant carbon chemtrail in his wake. A new record high for the Dow over 21,200 suggests that a majority of CEOs and business minded investors think the President is doing just fine and leaving Paris is good for business. What? You didn’t know the Dow hit another record AFTER President Trump announced the United States was leaving the Paris Climate Accord? You must watch one of the three “major” networks.

Finally, doomed candidate Hillary Clinton has a laundry list of people to blame for her loss except why she actually lost. Democrats have ignored their base. They have become the elites who know better than working America implementing job killing regulations and Obamacare. Until Democrats and their press propaganda wing get it through their thick heads that they have lost the trust of working Americans then President Trump and America will continue to win and liberal heads will continue to explode.


Cold Protesters

Nothing like really cold temperatures to get my blood going! If you read Drudge then you probably already saw these stories. The first one is funny to me. Protesters in Maryland chanting, “Stop Global Warming Now,” while it’s snowing on them! Just kinda funny. Not that a little snow shows that so called “Global Warming” is coming to an end, but the protesters might want to read this next story.

In Russia, they are bracing for killer cold temperatures. They are expected to fall as low as 67 below zero F!!! That’s air temperature without a wind chill! That’s amazingly cold. The article explains that temps have already been 35 below and there have been a couple of fatalities. This is in a place that is used to cold and they are closing schools and warning that the extreme cold could kill heating units. There is also a lake in Georgia, Russia that is frozen over for the first time in 50 years. Hmmmmm.

Greenland is also experiencing extreme cold. There is a bay frozen 10 centimeters thick for the first time in decades there. One very cold Winter doesn’t mean for sure we are back on the down swing in temperatures, but considering what I have blogged about the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the Russian scientist who says the Sun is coming out of a “warm” cycle, we could see protesters changing their tune from, “End Global Warming Now,” to, “Send Some Global Warming Now.”