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An Extraordinary End to Monsoon 2016

Today is the last day of Monsoon 2016.  The best Monsoon I’ve experienced in my 11 years here.  I’ve neglected the blog so the entries of our microburst  in Oro Valley last month, varies rainbows, lightning shots, downpours, and other sundry Monsoon 2016 occurrences are missing from mikeshaw.tv.  Perhaps I will go through my pictures and catch some of those things up.  Perhaps.

Before I get into my story about last evening’s drive home, here’s how the day started yesterday:

092916ppsunriseYeah.  Not bad!  I love the view from my deck here in Oro Valley.  I’m happy to say that sunrises like that happen pretty frequently here and I have a front row seat.

Now.  On to yesterday’s drive home from the radio station.  Extraordinary indeed!  Every direction of sky brought joy and wonder (too much?).  It was a cool night.

It was raining pretty good when I left the station with a bright rainbow forming but nowhere to pull aside and grab a shot.  As I raced toward downtown I mostly drove out of the rain only to have it catch me again as I navigated down Congress.  I drove out of the rain again as I headed north on Granada which turns into Main which turns into Oracle.  As I approached River I could see a bright rainbow against the Catalina Mountains contrasted by dark menacing storm clouds.  I found an apartment complex off River Road and grabbed this shot:

092916rainbowToo bad I can’t include the rumbling thunder in the jpg, but it was cool.  I then continued on my trek north on Oracle and noticed the sunset was starting to pop.  I made it to Family Life Radio near Ina and Oracle just in time.  I pulled into their back parking lot.  Parked.  Walked to the eastern fence of Tohono Chul Park, and facing west (often the best direction for capturing sunsets), I got this shot:

092916sunsetI needed some supplies, so I doubled back a block to the Safeway and did some shopping.  By the time I got through the line and back to my car I could see lightning to the northeast.  As I neared my apartment it was apparent that the lightning was frequent and, as lightning tends to be, rather bright.  I parked in my spot.  Gathered my things and climbed to my third story apartment.  I efficiently put away my groceries, grabbed a cigar and my phone, and went out on the deck.  What a great light show!  I tried to get some shots with my iPhone 6S Plus in burst mode and they came out surprisingly good!  Grainy, yes.  Still not bad.  Here’s the best one:

092916lightningLast day of Monsoon 2016 is today.  There is a slight chance of storms in our forecast.  Will this evening equal yesterday’s in amazingness?  Not likely, but I’ll share if it does!

Here’s an animated gif of the storm just in case that works:


2015 is Going to be Amazing!

Tortolita Snow
Tortolita Snow

It has been a long time since I blogged here.  One of the things I plan on changing in 2015.  This year is off to an AMAZING start and the signs are unmistakable.

It snowed overnight!  A rare and exciting event in these parts.  I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the year.  Then, I am driving in my car to see the snow and take a few pictures, and Mix FM is playing an old American Top 40.  The top 100 songs of 1984!  Another unmistakable sign for the new year.  1984 is the year that I took my last pay check and bought a one way bus ticket for Roswell, NM in hopes of landing a radio (and eventually TV) job.  What an adventure as I arrived in Roswell in late Spring.  I hit the pavement looking for that radio gig I had always dreamed of.  I stopped by KBIM AM/FM and talked to one of the owners, Betty King.  They didn’t have any openings, but she was running for state senate.  She talked my ear off!  I guess my fro didn’t scare her off :-)

A couple of months later I was busing tables at Chew Den, a local Chinese restaurant, and the King’s sat in my section.  Betty recognized me despite my haircut.  She told me they had a part time opening and to talk to Harry Deirks.  So, the next morning I did.  He told me that since I had no radio experience he wasn’t interested.  I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  This is what I was here for!  Next morning I was waiting for Harry when he arrived for work.  the answer was still no.  Next morning I was there waiting for Harry when he arrived for work.  Still no.  The next morning I was there again.  I think he knew I wasn’t going to leave him alone unless he gave me a chance.  He had me read some wire copy.  Not bad, he said, except that I should change my inflection between stories.  At least I didn’t have a west Texas accent like the applicant’s cassettes he had on his desk, he said.  He hired me for weekends!  My first radio gig!  I worked at Chew Den and part time at the radio station until Harry moved me up to full time overnights.  I was there two years and finished my stint at KBIM AM/FM as Music Director.

I moved to TV at KOBR as Master Control Operator.  I learned how to edit, direct news breaks, run audio, graphics, and most importantly use a TV camera.

That eventually led to a news photographer job at KBIM TV.  That led to a reporter job and eventually weather anchor!  Ever since Jr. High I wanted to be a DJ and a Weatherman.  It took almost 8 years, but I made it happen in Roswell.

So this morning when I woke up to snow (I LOVE snow!) and then the top 100 of 1984, I knew.  The signs are clear.  This year will be special.  As I listen right now to the songs that I played as a new DJ, the songs that were the soundtrack of my life as I boldly moved to realizing my dreams, I feel the same excitement.

God has already opened the door to me doing news talk radio.  I know He is with me as I move in to 2015!  I will get in shape.  I will learn Spanish.  And maybe, just maybe… well, I’ll leave that dream to myself for now.

Dare to dream.  Step out in faith.  It is the road less chosen and it will make all the difference.


The West is the Best!

I wish I had taken some pictures of Kalispell, but we were only there less than 24 hours.  I’ve been to many beautiful places and I’d have to say that NW Montana is tops.  British Columbia is amazing too!  Western Oregon where I grew up is beautiful and right there in your backyard when that is where you live.  Arizona has the desert beauty and the best sunrise and sunsets on the planet.  I am Blessed to be west!

Last Years Sunrise vs. This Years

I save my picture files by date.  So when I was saving this morning’s Pusch Peak Sunrise I noticed there was a Pusch Peak Sunrise from exactly one year ago today in my sunrise/sunsets folder.  Let’s compare the two and see how similar they are or which one “wins”.

Here is the Pusch Peak Sunrise from this morning:


And here is the Pusch Peak Sunrise from August 14, 2012:



I got myself a Chromecast from a local Best Buy on Friday.  Only one store in Tucson had them and they sold all 35 units in about a half hour.  I got the 33rd one!  Whew, that was close.  The Oro Valley store told me they were expecting some today (Monday), but I haven’t followed up with them.  They may have received them on Saturday and if so they are surely gone by now.  My advice to you if you don’t want to wait 4 weeks ordering from Amazon is to call your local Best Buy ASAP!  Also, I got the free Netflix offer even though Google had already announced the offer had expired.  The store clerk told me it was still good for “in-store purchases” so you may still be able to take advantage of three free months on Netflix if you buy at Best Buy.

I am really enjoying my Chromecast.  It is replacing my Roku LT.  I was getting tired of the Roku not having a YouTube app.  I also discovered that the Chromecast WILL mirror my desktop from my Mac Mini as well as my Windows 7 laptop.  It is great for showing pictures and presumably even power point presentations on a TV.  However, when I played a video that lives on my hard drive the video cast to the TV, but the audio remained on my local machine.  Hopefully Google and app developers can improve on the mirroring capabilities in time.

Here is a short demonstration video on how to mirror your desktop with the Chromecast.  I’m looking forward to more and more features with this awesome and cheap device!

Vlog Every Day in April!

IMAG0166I am house/dog sitting this weekend and have been watching a lot of YouTube videos to spend my time.  (that and watching March Madness and hanging out with the dogs)  The view out here in the Foothills of Tucson is amazing!  It is so nice to sit out here with a cold beverage looking north to Finger Rock and the Catalina’s watching YouTube on my laptop.

Watching videos yesterday and today I have discovered there is something called VEDA or Vlog Every Day in April.  Apparently there is a VEDA for August too.  It’s been a thing for at least a year and yet I am just discovering it here at the end of March 2013.  Very convenient actually!  As a sometime YouTuber who wants to YouTube more, this is perfect timing!

So, I am gonna be a Vlogger who is VEDAing.  Starting Monday (April 1st) I’ll be vlogging every day in April and posting the results on my YouTube Channel, which you should subscribe to, and I’ll be embedding the videos here as well.  So yeah.  Apparently it is a thing and I think it’s going to be a great adventure.  Perhaps this will start something wonderful!  Stay tuned!