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The Most Beautiful Places

I grew up in Oregon, so I was blessed to live in a beautiful place. The Pacific Northwest has so many amazing places to go and see. I can’t believe I left out Crater Lake, The Inn of the Seventh Mountain in Bend, The Columbia River Gorge, and Mt. St, Helen’s. I didn’t forget to mention the drive from Spokane, Washington to Kalispell, Montana. Also British Columbia, Canada, and the North Coast of San Diego. I’d love to visit France, England, New Zealand, Australia, and the Himalayas. Lots of adventures yet to come!


I am a dreamer. No doubt about it. When I put my mind to something I eventually get there. The problem is putting my mind to something! I’m still figuring out for sure what the next step in my life is, but I am almost settled on making this YouTube thing work. From traditional media to new media seems like a natural progression to me.

So, to that end I attended Amy Schmittauer’s, “7 Tips to Becoming a Pro Vlogger” free webinar.  If you missed it, don’t worry she is doing it again next week so you can still sign up here: http://savvysexysocial.com/2013/08/19/webinar-sign-up-top-7-tips-to-become-a-pro-vlogger/

I’m also considering sending a resume to a Reno TV station for a morning show weatherman. If I can just decide the rest will fall in place with just a little bit of work. If it’s my passion it won’t seem so much like work: