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What is the Price of YouTube Fame?

Sarahsneak had an excellent rant about what she didn’t like about VidCon.  Famous YouTubers were being chased by teen age girls and these adolescents even camped outside of hotel rooms hoping to mob their favorite YouTubers.  It makes sense to me that as YouTube gains in popularity and there become more and more famous YouTubers that these types of incidents would increase, much like how TV and Movie Stars put up with obsessed fans and paparazzi.

Sarahsneak’s video, “My Problem(s) with VidCon”: http://youtu.be/quBrucJBbTc
ABC Reports, ” Jennifer Garner Testifies for Paparazzi Law”: http://youtu.be/MB2ie4d5TQ8

#SSSVEDA Day 7, Making Up is Hard to Do

Back in the TV days, I wore makeup.  It’s what TV people do because of the glare of the lights and stuff.  I am no longer on TV, but I am on YouTube a lot lately, especially during VEDA, or Vlogging Every Day in April.  Since I am now an old guy I have developed rosacea.  It makes my face a nice splotchy red.  I use today’s #SSSVEDA topic of happy birthday Jackie Chan and Russell Crowe to launch into makeup pondering and stories.  Should I wear makeup on camera again?  Should I take a shower before blogging?

YouTube Monetization Fail

I’ve been putting off putting commercials on my YouTube videos.  People don’t like ’em and I was afraid that maybe it might limit the number of views I would get.  At the same time I’ve been thinking that in this new world of new media that viewers wouldn’t mind supporting the work of freelancers like me.  So what the heck.  I finally pulled the trigger.  I set up monetezation and was anxious to see how well YouTube paid.

My big test came just a day or so later when I put together a story for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.  Once TheBlaze picked it up I knew it would get some views.  I was excited!  Until I saw this this morning (3 days later)

Some quick math tells me that I would earn about a buck for every 9,000 views!  That means $10 for 90,000 views!  What a joke!  I have removed monetezation from my YouTube Channel.  I’ll figure out another way to make money in this new media world.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not ungrateful at all.  I love being able to contribute to the political conversation and my videos have received some pretty cool attention.  I knew that YouTube monetezation wasn’t going to pay my bills.  I just didn’t realize it wouldn’t even pay for a Starbucks!

Still gonna do videos when I have time.  I am certain that all work pays off and leads somewhere.  It may lead to my next job, or maybe it’s just about being part of the conversation.  I’ll take it.

Self Discipline

I was in Yuma this past weekend visiting my sister Martina.  She lives in Oregon.  Oregon City to be more exact.  She and her husband and her two kids drove 21 hours straight to visit my Dad in Yuma for Spring Break.  This is a very cool arrangement.  My brothers and sisters travel hundreds and hundreds of miles to see Dad and I drive 225 miles to visit them all.  Everybody wins, especially me!  Well, especially Dad, but me too :-)

My sister Tina has a GREAT sense of humor!  How do I know this?  Well, she gets me.  And I get her.  Every time we are together we laugh and it’s fun.  We were looking at some of my videos and she asked me to play the one you see below.  She thinks it’s the funniest thing!  That’s because she gets it.  I’m hoping you do too, but judging from what some of my other friends have said, it could go either way.

Killer Global Warming?

I get angry when I hear that some people are trying to blame the deaths of 4 Boy Scouts the other night in Iowa on Global Warming.  It isn’t true, but they are willing to try to use the tragedy for their own political gain.  Shameless.  There was one particularly offensive offender.  I won’t give them the satisfaction of a link or mention.

Bill O’Reilly had Joe Bastardi from Accuweather on the “O’Reilly Factor” Thursday Night, I believe.  Someone posted it on YouTube, but unfortunately added their own ads.  Ignore those and enjoy some perspective on our current crazy weather: