Ward Churchill Spotted at TUSD Board Uprising

Students who chained themselves to chairs in order to stop the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Board from taking action against “Mexican-American Studies” the other night may have had some rather infamous company.

Remember Ward Churchill?  The Former Ethnic Studies Professor and activist that was fired from the University of Colorado?  The one who pretended to be an American Indian?  The one who called 9-11 victims “Little Eichmann’s”?  Yeah, that Ward Churchill.  He was apparently in Tucson supporting the students who took over a TUSD Board Meeting.

Here is a rather long and poorly shot video of what took place on Tuesday.  Pay attention to the guy leaning on the podium in the middle of the room.  (I know it’s hard with the excessive zooming and panning).  Churchill can be seen chanting along at 1:57, 2:35, 3:30ish and 5:39.  I have posted freezes below the video.

So why was he there? Did someone bring him in? He certainly appeared to be having a good time. Mysteries for now.

If you’ve forgotten some of the controversies that led to Ward Churchill’s firing from the University of Colorado, here is an instructive refresher link:

Michelle Malkin’s Ward Churchill Category

(h/t the fine folks who run TU4SD.com)

UPDATE:  Daily KOS article from April 27th also mentions Ward’s presence at the meeting.

Clarification and UPDATE:  Some people think I shot the video.  It was shot by someone sympathetic to the students and also a true amateur.   Also, Churchill’s presence blows apart the claims by the students communist handlers that the students were working mostly on their own.

4 thoughts on “Ward Churchill Spotted at TUSD Board Uprising

  1. ROTFL! This faux Native American, faux graduate school graduate, faux undergrad graduate, faux acclaimed painter-artist, faux US Army Special Forces member, but a real life communist puke ends up in Tucson as a ring leader for these red diaper juveniles?! BwaaaaHAHAHA!

  2. Ward Churchill is among a shadowy organization of Marxists trying to push this country into a race war. Somehow, Colorado fostered this guy and didn’t do anything to stop him for years. Now, it seems they have another set of these characters coming up, teaching in the universities up there.

    The latest one is Tom I. Romero II, a law professor teaching at Denver University. This guy has written extensively in thesis, law publications, articles and commentary where he pushes the idea that there’s some group of racists controlling everything. He claims they want to keep the Mexican-Americans impoverished and hindered from their own pursuit of happiness in the greatest country on earth. He thinks everything, from land ownership to public water projects are run by racists trying to keep the brown man down.

    We need to expose these guys and reject their agenda. It’s all part of a Marxist group that want to manipulate Hispanics and Native Americans into tearing down this country; Just at a time when we have integration going as fast as possible, they are working hard to bait the youth and the immigrants into protests and violence so they can fragment the country.

    Churchill and his types are bent on radical political destruction, so they can tear this country apart. They hate liberty, they hate our freedom, they hate American prosperity and they use race as a way to tear it down. These guys are no friend to Hispanics, no friend to Native Americans.

    When it comes to how people live, most Hispanics and Native Americans are law abiding, family centric and generally freedom-loving conservatives in their personal values. US Citizens of Hispanic descent do not like the way they are characterized in general by these Marxists and they tend to appreciate the freedoms of this country – being better than their countries of origin. However, they often do not realize that they are being manipulated by these Marxists to tear down the very things they love and work to achieve in this country.

    This is exactly how the Sandinistas, the Soviets and the Maoists manipulated people in the past, to destroy other countries. We need to stop letting it happen here.

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